IPhone 13 Pro outperforms the Nokia 3310 in terms of durability In Ultimate Drop Test

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Nokia feature phones have long been billed as nigh unbreakable, but a new drop test has revealed that they may have a new competitor. The Nokia 3310 was recently pitted against the Apple iPhone 13 Pro, with unexpected results.

The unusual drop test comparison between these two devices comes from TechRax, a tech YouTube channel. In the video, he pits Apple’s current flagship against a Nokia smartphone from the same class that is famed for its durability.

While the results may appear to be apparent, with Nokia clearly winning, this was shockingly not the case. In the drop test on a spiral stair case, the Nokia 3310 comes out on top.

During its spin, the phone collided with the railing and disintegrated into numerous pieces. The 3310 didn’t shatter, but it did get dismantled into many LEGO-like bits as a result of the impact of the long drop.

The iPhone 13 Pro, on the other hand, was dropped three times, not once, not twice, but three times. The iPhone’s rear glass panel was fractured in the first tumble, but the front panel was reasonably unharmed.

To put it another way, the ceramic shield was quite useful. The second drop, on the other hand, eventually fractured the display in the bottom right corner, while the back panel smashed much more.

However, considering the device fell much deeper down the spiral stair case on the second drop, this is still an impressive outcome. The device was unexpectedly unaffected by the third and final plunge, with only a few more cracks appearing in the front.

Apart from that, the device appeared to be in good working order, with no obvious performance or camera concerns. The Nokia 3310’s fate was never known, but we may presume it survived because, despite their bodies falling apart, ancient feature phones routinely broke apart in falls and a simple assembling of the keyboard, battery, and back panel usually made the phone good as new. Regardless, Apple has certainly gone to great lengths to ensure that its latest iPhone 13 flagship is a success.

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