Sindh to shut down schools paying less than Rs. 25,000 to Teachers.

Private schools have been ordered to provide a minimum compensation of Rs25,000 to its teaching faculty, according to Sindh Education Minister Syed Sardar Shah, and if they fail to do so, they would be closed.

No government instructor would be allowed to manage a private educational institution during school hours, according to Sardar Ali Shah. He stated that any teacher who wishes to conduct business or manage a private school may do so beyond job hours. The minister acknowledged Sindh’s education system’s shortcomings and stated that the government was taking concrete steps to rectify them. He defended the standards, claiming that if Sindh’s education system was so outdated, how could pupils clear the examination for CSS.

Syed Sardar Shah, the Sindh Education Minister, said at a ceremony for the biometric system at Sukkur Girls’ Degree College that private schools have been directed to pay at least Rs25,000 as a minimum salary to their teaching faculty, and that those who violate the government directives will be sealed.

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