BMW i8 price in Pakistan 2021 – Specs, Features, Colors, and Pictures


Are you a car lover? Do you want to own a lavish, fancy, unique and an ultramodern car? If you are a big fan of new technology in cars, then you are in the right place. BMW has the most beautiful and eye-catching collection of cars with the latest version of technology. BMW is a very famous, well-reputed and a trustworthy company. BMW has cars that fulfill your demands. BMW has launched a new roadster variant as a part of their ‘project i ‘ which was introduced due to vision efficient dynamic concept and this variant is named as BMWi8. Before ‘BMWi8’’ BMWi3’ was launched, but BMWi8 2021 is the latest model.


A plug-in hybrid sports car with latest features and specifications is developed by BMW known as BMWi8, further modified in 2021. In 2009, it was launched for the first time in Frankfurt Motor Show.

Before buying a car, the person must be familiar with the features, specs, price and all other necessary information about the car so that the enthusiast can buy a car which suits his demands and price ranges. So here is the following information about BMEi8 2021:


  • BMWi8 Roadster has been given butterfly doors that opens upward.
  • It has an air conditioner as well as a heater.
  • It also provides its user the intelligent emergency call function.
  • It comes with a rearview camera which is preset inside the car.
  • An Anti-lock braking system is also present.
  • It is equipped with discs brake system in the front as well as at the back side of the car.
  • Traction control is an available feature.
  • Fuel tank capacity is 42 liters.
  • The mileage provided by BMWi8 Roadster is 8.41/100km in the city while 8.11/100km on highways.

BMWi8 Interior:

BMWi8 has 7.1kWh lithium ion battery that lasts at different ranges in different countries as at some place it may last up to 37km while at other place upto 25km only and this is because of environmental differences.


It comes with a four-year warranty, so that a buyer can get a satisfied and safe drive.


It has a twin power turbo technology, due to which it can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 4.6 sec and provides the maximum speed of 155mph or 250km/h.

BMWi8 Horsepower:

BMWi8 contains a 1.5L, three cylinder’d turbo charged petrol engine that provides a 228hp or bhp. It is also equipped with an electric motor of 96kW/131hp that is capable of producing 128bhp and when this power is used in combination that it gives 356bhp as a whole.


By knowing the dimensions, you can easily figure out the size of BMW. .

Maximum Torque

320 Nm


76.5 in or 2218mm


184.9in or 4689mm


50.8in or 1291mm

Wheel base


Total weight

Less than 1500kgs

BMW i8 Price:

In Pakistan, BMWi8 is priced at slightly different ranges as it is available from PKR 22,737,000 – is 35,000,000. Generally, if you want to consider, then a person buying BMWi8 must keep an estimate of 2.62 crores.

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