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In this article, we are going to discuss about hover board , its structure shape and the best available hoverboard in Pakistan.

Hover board is a type of ride which is used for a single person. It is the type of single transporter scooter. Hover board is a modern type of skating board. It is also called a self- balancing board . The word hover board is a combination of two words “Hover” which means ( float on or drift on ) and “a trendBoard “ which means( panel or sheet like) .So its means it is a type of board on which a person can move from one place to another by means of floating ,here the word floating is given to express its speed. Nowadays, its use is very common in kids and adults . It is an advance technology . Its price varies on its function and model .Many companies manufacture it and all have their own prices on the bases of its features.Due to its features and model hover board price in Pakistan also varies like electric hover board has different price and battery hover board is different.

Physical Structure of Hover board;

The physical structure of hover board is that hover board is a recent updated technique which is used in skate board. Some changes were done in skate board size and features instead of pushing the skate board on ground with feet hover board is a self- operating it has a battery which is used to operate it the two wheels of the hover board is connecting with a battery which convert the charge into power to rotate the wheels .The hover board varies in colors. It has different colors and functions. Some have bluetooth speakers and LED those are called as electric hover boards and some are single battery.

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Hover board price in Pakistan 2021;

The price of hover board varies on its function and latest model .The lowest price of hover board in Pakistan is 23,499 PKR and estimated average price is 31,575 PKR .The price of Hover board is collected from different trusted online stores of Pakistan such as clickmall.com,daraz.pk,olx.com and thesportstore.pk.

Best hover board in Pakistan:

In past there was a trend of using skating shoes and skate board but now in modern period hover board is in fashion. Many types of hover boards are also available in Pakistan . There are many companies making hover boards in Pakistan, but the best hover board in Pakistan companies’ names are as follows;

Epikgo Classic Hover boards;

Epikgo is a company which manufactures hover board . it makes a wide range of hover boards, its battery charging remains along .its speed is faster than other .it’s travels maximum of 5 km when it charge once.

Jetson Nitro Hover board;

Its important feature is LED lights .Jetson company makes a wide range of scooties for kids ,electric bikes and the most selling hover board of this company is Nitro. its speed is 12 mph. Wheel size of this hover board is6.5 inch and its battery is 36v and 400 watt motor Bluetooth function is also available in it.

Segway one wheeler Hover board;

Above two hover boards are 2 wheeler . Its function is more amazing than others. Its battery capacity is more than other. It can other it’s charging remain for about 15 miles and speed is 12.5mph. The best features of it is RGB LED light .Light turns on when you start the hover board.

Swagtor T6 Hover board;

The best Swtagtor hover board is the T6, whose main feature is the size of the tires from 10 inches. It can be used both on uneven surfaces and on grass. The battery capacity is larger.

Razor Hovertrax Hover board;

This type of hover board is specially designed for kids, hence its speed is less than other. Its price is reasonable than other hover boards. It can handle up to 220 pounds. It comes in beautiful color like purple blue grey .

Gryoor warrior Hover board;

This type of hover board is especially designed for those who use hover borad having no rods .it has music speakers and fancy led lights.

Halo Rover X Hover board ;

It has unique black edition .it has been ranked no 1 hover board .The bests application of this hover board is you can set up its mode like beginners ,normal and advanced .This board is perfectly designed for adults.

XPRIT Hover board;

This hover board is especially designed for beginners who doesn`t know how to ride .it has Bluetooth and speakers .its speed is maximum up to 6mph.

Veeko V-110 Hover board ;

This hiver board has an indicator light .This hover board has anti sleeper function that helps in balancing and also helps in maintaining grip. This hover board size is small but impressive, and its performance is not affected by its size.

10. Hendo Hover board ;

This hover board is considered by all of the hover boards. The only reason is the lack of wheels. It is a real hover board .When inflamed, the groove 1 lay next to the solo. It is completely safe; it includes a safety switch and battery cells. The configurations can also be used in other applications. This is really the best hover board on the list.


In all this above detail of article the point is concluded that nowadays hover board is that type of ride which is used by every age people and due to its trends, many companies manufacturing it in all over the world .This single ride also available in Pakistan, hover board is available in many designs and colours and have many interesting features some are electrical while some have battery the higher model has LED lights ,speakers and Bluetooth system on the basis of all this features its price also vary .In Pakistan its prices is reasonable for all ranked peoples.

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