Showcase your talent and redeem cash rewards by Termmate, kyu k #HarTalentZaruriHai

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Termmate now brings you the opportunity to use your talent and earn rewards sitting at home.

 Are you an illustrator? A guitarist? A good cook with amazing recipes to share? A resin artist? A calligrapher? A photographer? A writer? You can have any talent, the only requirement is that you love creating content and sharing it with the world.

Now you can double your earning opportunities by taking advantage of your talent and sharing your skills with those that are willing to learn. Share your videos on Termmate, help others learn and earn cash rewards in exchange.

Termmate is dedicated to opening a world of limitless opportunities for those that have exceptional talent and who love to create content. You no longer need to just share videos of you showcasing your talent and uploading it on Facebook and YouTube for a few hundred views. Share the same content on Termmate where students are waiting to learn and earn great rewards, more so than any other platform can offer you.

There are thousands of students that are willing to learn from the platform and seeking quality content. So, it is time you take advantage of this opportunity that Termmate is offering and earn cash with every video you share. This also allows you to share your talent with the rest of the world and teach others to pursue their passion for writing, calligraphy, crafts, music, cooking, etc. Not only this, you can even make use of your old notes and write ups lying around the house to help someone on the platform and Termmate will reward you instantly!

You have the opportunity to earn around $1 to $4 on every 1000 views. Termmate also offers a sign-up bonus of $5 and an additional $1 on every two uploads which no other platform offers. So, what are you waiting for? Go, get your camera and start making content. 

What is Termmate?

Termmate is a unique platform that allows its users to upload and share a range of educational content. Here learners can access good quality content online and learn new things every day. The platform is now branching out further from just being a platform for educational content. It includes a range of creative learning content that helps you get relevant information with just a click. This platform allows you to showcase your content and share it with your fellow learners in exchange of some massive rewards. It is a great knowledge sharing venue for teachers, students and contributors that not only supports learning but also award you in dollars.

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