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According to the modern period, technology runs faster and everything is automatic and based on an electrical system and makes man’s life easier. The best advantage of these bikes is that no petrol is used which is the bright point because the rate of petrol is going to affluent level and middle-class bike riders have no enough money and hence there for many companies introduced the electric bikes.

The electric bike is one of the rides which can start with a motor and have chargeable batteries. This ride is very comfortable for racers. These bikes are also designed for girls and children. There are many electric bikes in Pakistan and nowadays in Pakistan, many people use them. Peoples also use an electric scooter and many other rides to make their life easier in a short time. Electric bikes batteries travel up to 25-44 km/h. These bikes are low-cost and energy resourceful.

 In this article, you will know about the features and functions of electric bikes. So, read this article till the end and you will get more information about electric bikes and thus your level of knowledge can increase. Here we will discuss the best electric bike in Pakistan and also about its prices in 2021.

Best Electric Bikes in Pakistan:

In Pakistan first electric bike was propelled by Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said that “ we are working in the green environment to protect our generation of global warming and from negative effects of climate changes, pollution, and many other diseases. Hence, in Pakistan, there are many electric bikes and the best electric bikes in Pakistan and given below.

Jaguar Electric Bikes 70cc;

This bike is one of the best electric bikes in Pakistan. Its features and functions are amazing due to which is called the best. When this bike is the battery fully charged by electricity than charging of these bikes runs up to 71km. It fully charged within 5 hours. Its speed is faster than others and it does not have much sound. The best advantage of this bike is that no petrol is used and due to this bike is eco-friendly and the battery is used instead of petrol. Its price is about 88000. Jaguar bikes are a little expensive than fuel bikes because batteries are used in them.


Jolta Electric Bike 70cc;

The Jolta electric bike is a good bike with having a battery inside. Its battery is good in quality. When good quality products are used, then its features become good and due to which its battery is long life and its travel 80 km when it is fully charged. It has 1000w power with an extreme speed of 60km/hr. This bike is noise-free and free from nature pollution. Jolta electric bike price ranges from 81000 to 86000


Jolta Electric Bike 125cc;

The jolta electric bike 125cc is designed in the competitor against Honda 125 because many people used to ride Honda 125 hence the honors of the Jolta’s company designed the Jolta 125cc bike with advanced features and due to which its battery and other functions are advanced it is cheap on the pocket because it has no use petrol instead of petrol chargeable battery is used, its battery travels about 80-100 km/hr. In the plain area, its speed is faster than in rocky areas. You can charge its battery everywhere.

E-Bike T-60 Electric Bike;

It is a bike made by the company because people who want to go around the area chose this bike and made it a small bike so that they can make a small bike. With the aid of a motorcycle, this motorcycle was chosen for the benefit of the people. There is a very good program in it. Speaking of spare parts, a very special kind of spare parts is installed, so the user doesn’t have to bother, and the battery can be fully charged and inserted into the bike to ride this bike. I can do this. Don’t make noise for your people, its battery is 60V20AH and motor power is 800W battery warranty of these bikes is1 year, a motor warrant is 2 years and yellow, blue and green colors are available in these bikes.


E-Bike T-70 Electric Bike;

This bike is also made by the same company so that its customers can take full advantage of it. It is the best and most useful bike. Its speed is 60km/hr and battery warranty is a 1-year motor warranty of this bike is 2 years and this bike is automatic to drive no petrol is used instead of petrol rechargeable battery 60v20AH is used. There is an aluminum rim and LED meter display, charge time is 3-6 hours and an automatic locking system is also available in the E-Bike T-70 electric bike.


E-Bike T-75 Electric Bike;

This bike is an updated model of the E-bike T 60. In this bike, many advanced features are installed it is easy to ride. This ride is very useful to ride for short distances this bike is designed like. scooters these bikes are also ridden by girls. Its spare parts are also of good quality and the battery used in it is fast chargeable.

Its ride is very comfortable and when you drive it you can`t feel unconsciousness because it can`t produce any type of noise. E-Bike T-75 Electric bike is a business carrier electric bike which has aluminum rims, disk brakes, an additional storage box, keyless start, tubeless tires, and have a mechanical meter. Its battery is 72V 20AH and it’s charging time is 3-5 hours, its motor is 1000W brushless and its maximum speed is 60km/hr.

E-Bike T-85 Electric Bike;

This bike is compared to a big bike with a petrol engine. Therefore, if you are interested in big bikes, take a look at this bike once as it will be compared to a full engine. When fully charged, the speed is fast and efficient. The most special thing about this bike is that it helps reduce costs, speed up and solve many difficulties.

Neon M3 Electric Bike in Pakistan;

Neon M3’s electric bike is a fully electric bike. It is a sporty bike. This bike has a 2000W motor the battery has a maximum speed of 90Km/hr. This bike has an automatic transmission and has a USB port. This port is very important for riders to charge their phones etc. Neon has a dual-piston caliper brake in the back and the front.

This bike has tubeless tires and also has digital cluster gauge. This bike has 6 cells 72V battery and has LED headlights it has a keyless lock to unlock the lock riders use the remote. The bike is automatically off when the battery goes down to 20% it is fully charged in 6 hours.


Sunra Electric Bike in Pakistan;

Sunra electric bike is an electric bike and is rechargeable is the main feature of this bike is fearless, smoke-free, noise-free have no maintenance charges, clutchless, have 6 months battery warranty, steel body frame, Alloy rims, keyless start, have low running cost and is eco-friendly Anti Theft system is also present. It has a 1500W battery. This bike is petrol and oil-free. When it is fully, charged it travel up to 60 Km/hr.


Electric Bike Price in Pakistan-2021;

Nowadays, many riders use electric bikes as their rides in Pakistan. These bikes are in trend because these bikes are low cost. Many companies manufacture these bikes in Pakistan. Their prices are reasonable and based on their features and functions. Electric bike prices in Pakistan and electric scooter prices in Pakistan are mentioned below;

The Jaguar electric bike price in Pakistan is 88000 PKR, Jolta Electric Bike 70cc price in Pakistan ranges in 3500-40000, Jolta Electric Bike 125cc price in Pakistan is 82500, the price of E-Bike T-60 Electric bike in Pakistan price 2021 is 82900, E-Bike T-70 electric bike price in Pakistan is 88900, E-Bike T- 75 price is 89900, E-Bike T- 85 or electric scooter price in Pakistan price is 95900, the highest price electric heavy bike in Pakistan is Neon M3 Electric Bike in Pakistan which ranges in 109,00- 110,000 and at the end latest electric bike is Sunra electric bike price is 138,900 PKR. The Jolta scooter price in Pakistan is 105,000 PKR.


After writing this complete article this point is concluded that technology runs very fast and most everything are technology-based if you run short on the article you see that nowadays the technology makes man’s life easier because in past people like to use bicycle by pedaling is they move from one place to other after some time technology introduced motorbike which has the lock and starts with fuels and in this modern era technology get more advanced and introduced electric bikes and makes the people’s ride easier these electric bikes are eco-friendly which is the best point and cant make and noise and air pollution.

Now in Pakistan, many people use electric bikes for their rides, its functions and features and very amazing and their price is also based on their features and model. Their prices which are mentioned above are their updated prices.

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