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Hi Siri! It’s MyHCM’s 2nd anniversary, can you organize a celebration?

 MyHCM’s voice enabled service is just one of the many features that makes your life as an HR professional easier. The cutting-edge digital HR company has aimed to revolutionize how HR performs in the traditional work place by crafting a seamless HRM solution to fulfill all your pertinent HR needs.

The integration of Siri and Google Assistant to the software  has enabled MyHCM for the execution of tasks by something as simple as verbal instructions, like marking our attendance and leave, check leave balances and a lot more. It is also the first company in Pakistan to introduce video recruitment and bot recruitment.

In the last two years of providing seamless digital HR services to numerous businesses and companies in Pakistan, MyHCM has established its name amongst top HCM solution providers.

For those who are hearing about it for the first time, MyHCM is a premier digital Human Capital Management software which automates HR activities and processes, creating a completely paperless environment. The HR system that it provides, shifts focus from processes towards business intelligence.

It enables individuals to work efficiently and manage their team in a way that it enhances collective productivity. HR processes that had to be conducted by people are digitalized, so HR professionals can give more attention to pressing matters rather than focusing on mundane tasks.

MyHCM integrates different human resource processes such as calculating payrolls, leave management, recruiting, performance and workforce management in a single system with the most robust mobile app. An HR Software like MyHCM sets HR professionals free, makes managing people less time-consuming and easy. 

Automating HRM can enable HR managers to invest their time smartly in critical work and get rid of tedious and extremely time-consuming manual daily tasks. This results in increasing their efficiency and achieving a boost in collective productivity. Why spend hours managing employee records manually when MyHCM can do it for you a lot quicker and much efficiently.

MyHCM is a team of go getters who have spent years in the HR and services industry which has imbibed in them profound understanding of Human Resource as a discipline. The team is technically sound and well versed with sharp communication abilities. Their confidence shows in the way they interact with their clients and stakeholders. Since employees are integral to the triumph of any company, MyHCM aims to motivate its employees through sincere appreciation.

The essence of anniversary celebrations was the presentation of awards to the staff for their unmatched efforts to the growth of the company. The success of MyHCM in the last two years is owed to its determined employees who have never backed away from taking up new challenges. Not only have they contributed to the success of the company itself, they have helped to create a harmonious work environment that favors greater employee interaction.

Employee satisfaction, nurturing and growth is the center of gravity of MyHCM’s philosophy. In line with this philosophy, MyHCM recognizes their efforts at every step and celebrates their individual successes. The workforce protocols are designed in a way that it breaks formal barriers between managers and employees, creates an environment that caters to greater communication and also establishes profound connection between employees and their clients.

Client satisfaction is at the center of MyHCM’s mission. It is through client approval and loyalty that MyHCM has continued to prosper in Pakistan and beyond. The reason that MyHCM has been able to secure employee efficiency as well as client satisfaction is the values that the company practices.

12th of November, marked the 2nd anniversary for the prospering HR software company. A dinner was hosted for all the employees as a celebration of the success and achievement of milestones by the company since it was initiated in 2019. The event was attended by employees and their spouses as an opportunity to increase collaboration.

During the event, the staff was presented with awards and shields as a recognition of their hard work. After the awards were handed out to the entire team gathered to celebrate the company’s achievements through a cake cutting ceremony. Towards the end of the celebration, a round of games between employees and their spouses were arranged to add to the liveliness of the event. Those present had a lovely evening, especially when the games commenced.

The anniversary, according to MyHCM employees, marked their efforts as a cooperative team with a future driven outlook. They claim that this is only the beginning of MyHCM’s journey as a seamless HRM solution. The company is determined to achieve a lot more than it has in its last two years. MyHCM expects to expand itself in the next 5 years and become the leading digital HR software solution provider.

you think your company could do with a cutting edge, future driven and hassle free HRM software to enhance overall efficiency, reach out to us and learn more!

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