‘RISE Pakistan’—a call to RISE above the norm

With the advent of COVID-19 and an unforeseen pandemic, the global economic landscape was rattled. The lockdowns across the world led to lay-offs and bankruptcy for thousands of people. During this time, there were not many options available for different industries to cope with. However, the global giant Meta Inc. was busy developing ways in which it could help sustain the growth, slow as it may be, of its users.

In light of these efforts, Meta is all set to introduce a training program, designed for the advertisers and marketers of the world. The program was initially launched in Brazil 2020 and has slowly made its way to Pakistan. It is currently present and going strong in 18 of the global markets. Building and cultivating communities; the RISE Pakistan program is dedicated to development of personal and professional growth of participants. It is the way into the future for those who need that slight push towards growth. Meta Inc. is in the business for turning dreams into realities for the communities around the world.

The aim of the RISE Pakistan program is to enhance employability and propel career growth. It is designed to suit the needs of professionals at different levels, ensuring that nobody is left out by offering something for everyone. The program will cater to the needs of professionals who are looking to enhance their skill sets and increase their proficiencies.

Spanning over a time of two months, the participants can look forward to entering into a community of their peers through the course. The three fundamental pillars of Meta’s RISE program are ‘learn’, ‘grow’ and ‘thrive’. Gaining access to multiple avenues through which to learn, the program is streamlined towards exposing the participants to relevant up to date knowledge for their industry.

RISE Pakistan will be launched in the beginning of December 2021. However the registrations for the program is now live and can be done here.

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