The 15 Best Mobile Phones Brands in Pakistan 2021

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A mobile phone is defined as “A portable wireless device that allows users to make and receive calls over the air and operates over a network of cellular sites or base stations, as opposed to a landline phone, which is connected to a telephone wall jack with wires”.

In this article, you will know about the features, characteristics, and functions of mobile phones. So, read this article till the end and you will get more information about the mobile phone and thus your level of knowledge can increase. Here, we will discuss the 15 best mobile phones brand in Pakistan in 2021.

Best Mobile Phones Brands in Pakistan;

Nowadays, in all over the world mobile phone is a type of gadget which is used by every person for communication and many other purposes. Mobile phones are also useful devices and many companies launch the top brand mobile phones in Pakistan. Before discussing the best brands of mobile phones, let’s talk about the features and characteristics of mobiles or smartphones.

Features of Mobile Phones;

The most primary function of mobile phones is communication with one another from a long distance. Mobile phones have a Bluetooth system which connects the phone with other devices to send pictures, files, and videos without internet in a short distance, It has a battery which works for a long time when it is fully charged, In many phones nowadays especially in a smartphone camera is available to capture the beautiful memories, Wifi system is also present in phones to connect your mobile to internet access.

In many best brands, smartphone the location function is also available to follow the location you can easily reach to your destination. Calculator, Clock, Calendar, and weather update functions are also present in it. You can use a mobile for many purposes. For the study you can use Google with internet access and find any information about your topic. Also, you can use mobile phones for entertainment and gaming purposes, and so on.

Characteristics of Mobile Phone;

There are many characteristics of the best brands. mobiles phones are as follows:

Battery Life:

The best mobile phones battery is very powerful and long life companies make it more powerful because many peoples do their business works and gaming on mobile phones so because of this reason they make high power battery nowadays in best brands mobile phones have about 4000-7000 mega hertz battery.

Mobile RAM:

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the storage used as a place to hold data on mobile. If your mobile has less storage, it means that your mobile has less RAM. Due to the small RAM, the mobile is slow and many mobile features do not work properly. Therefore, many top brands of mobile phones have a large RAM size of about 2 to 256 GB, and the price of the mobile phone also depends on the RAM. A short-term memory type memory that stores data until the power is turned on. However, it is faster than that and is classified as primary memory storage. The data stored in RAM can be modified by the user.

 Mobile ROM:

ROM stands for (Read-only memory) it is a non-volatile type of memory used in mobile phones and other technological devices. ROM is useful for storing memory, like software and other firmware. ROM can save the original data in mobile. The ROM is like external storage and the example of a hard disk in mobile phone is SD card. When we insert SD Card into mobile phones than it is the ROM of the mobile phone.

The Processor:

The processor is the dominant core of a smartphone. It receives and performs all commands and makes billions of calculations per second. Processor efficiency directly affects all running applications, such as cameras, music players, and other websites.

The 15 Best Mobile Phones Brands in Pakistan:

There are many companies mobiles used in Pakistan. Mobile phone is the use of every person either rich or poor to fulfill their communication needs. The top 15 best mobile phones brands in Pakistan 2021 are as follows:


Samsung is the top-selling mobile phone brand in Pakistan. This brand inaugurated a great number of mobile phones with the latest features and functions. Their android phone is also very good for use. Many people use Samsung mobile phones for their business work because of their best feature of RAM and Memory. Samsung sells about 300 million units in Pakistan.



Apple is also the top best brand used in Pakistan. Mostly the young generation of Pakistan use the Apple iPhones series mobiles. People are so crazy to grab the iPhone X. The apple company has a strong presence in almost 40 countries along with Pakistan. Apples approximately sell in Pakistan is about 20 million units per year.

435 Apple Iphone Back View Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock


Huawei is another top best mobile phone brand in Pakistan. Huawei also launched their top best smartphones in Pakistan with advanced and best features in technology. The Huawei mobile sale rate is high in Pakistan. Its camera quality is very best.



It is a Chinese company, but their selfie-oriented smartphones are very commonly used in Pakistan. Oppo launched selfie-oriented hones which are used in large amounts in Pakistan and its annual sales are about 10 units per year.



Nokia is also the top-selling mobile phone brand in Pakistan it was founded in 1865. Nokia mobiles are the first-ever mobiles used by many peoples in Pakistan. After this, they launched smartphones which also come the part of competitions with other companies. These mobiles are famous for their long and durable battery life.

HMD Global announces Five New Nokia handsets at IFA 2019 including Nokia  7.2, 6.2, a flip & two feature phones - WhatMobile news


Lenovo is also a best-selling brand in Pakistan. Its sale is more because of their low price. These mobiles have many amazing features and functions at low prices. Due to this, it is the best brand mobile phone in Pakistan.

Tecno Mobile:

The Hong Kong-based mobile phone and electronic brand. This company’s smartphone price is affordable and in Pakistan, lots of smartphones sell per year.


The Xiaomi smartphones are very popular in Pakistan by their Mi, Redmi, Mi Note series which are commonly used in Pakistan and their features are best at an affordable price. There are many colors and functions in the Xiaomi smartphones.



This company is dealing with smartphones with good resolution cameras. Earlier the HTC launched the window phones. The HTc mobile is used in Pakistan and ranks in the 15 best mobile phone brands of the year 2021.


Infinix is also the best mobile phone brand available in Pakistan. This company was founded in 2012 but their best mobile series like Note, Hot, Zero, and Smart with best processor and camera ranked it in the best mobile phones brand. In Pakistan nowadays it is a top-selling smartphones brand.

Realme Mobile:

Realme is a Chinese mobile phone company, but nowadays it is the top-selling brand in Pakistan. Its sound system is very soft and its camera result is also very pro. In Pakistan, its sale is about 1 million units per year. Its processor is very good and fast for gaming and open heavy software. Their mobile memory is also good, and its price is also very affordable.


Vivo company was established in 2009 and it is a Chinese mobile phone company and now its smartphones are in the top 15 mobile phone brands. The series of Vivo X, Y, and V series is more commonly sold in Pakistan.


Sony is a Japanese mobile phone, and other electronic brand founded in 2001. This company’s mobile phones are a little expensive because of their best feature with the excellent processor. Sony mobile speed is fast and these mobiles are much more suitable for businessmen.


Panasonic is also an electronic company and also offers smartphones worldwide. And this company’s mobile phone FZ-T1 is also the best smartphone with very good features. Panasonic mobile phones are also ranked among the best mobile phones in Pakistan.


LG Electronics is the South Korean company that is most common in launching the best k- series mobile phone and in Pakistan, the average sale of LG mobile phones is about 0.5 million units per year. Besides launching smartphones, the LG is the world’s second-largest television manufacturing company.


After writing the article this point is concluded that mobile phones are also an important device use for communication purposes and this is that type of technology which you can carry easily from one place to another and you get in connection with your relatives lives overseas, The important characteristic of a mobile phone that you can do your important work without any connections, etc.

Nowadays, the manufacturing of mobile phones runs so fast everyone is linked with this technology. Also in, Pakistan, the use of the mobile phone is on peak and there are many brands which are launching best mobile phones every year with best and good features. There are top 15 brands of mobile phones recorded in 2021.

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