NADRA Spent Millions of Dollars on Apple iMacs with Pirated Windows 7 and Windows 10

NADRA, which is one of Pakistan’s most powerful regulatory agencies, has spent millions of dollars on computers that barely do basic functions.

The regulatory authority is employing high-end Apple iMacs with pirated Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems and only a basic web browser.

If NADRA used powerful computers for taxing jobs like video editing, 3D rendering, code compilation, and so on, it will be justified. Also, it is appropriate to utilize Apple laptops for Apple-exclusive software for higher-quality work, although any basic Windows PC can run a simple internet browser.

Moreover, NADRA has offices all over Pakistan, each with multiple Apple iMacs. The overall cost is easily in the millions of rupees. This tax money is being wasted on high-end equipment that serves no use.

However, the individual who is in charge of this decision is deserving of severe punishment.

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