Sindh Government to Establish the Sindh Medical Commission (SMC) to Regulate Admissions in Medical and Dental Colleges


The Sindh government has recently agreed to set up the Sindh Medical Commission (SMC) to oversee admissions to medical and dental schools throughout the state.

The news comes after the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) turned down the Sindh government’s plea to lower the passing requirements for the Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) for Sindh students.

According to reports, a summary in this regard has been sent to the Chief Minister for approval by the provincial cabinet. Admissions to Sindh’s medical and dentistry colleges are likely to begin next month after the permission.

Moreover, the Sindh health department has also drafted a draught bill in this regard, which proposes, among other things, lowering the MDCAT merit to 50% from 65 percent.

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