Motorbikers rally traveling from Lahore to Tehran to promote Pak-Iran friendship.

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A motorcycle rally from Lahore has arrived in Multan to promote Pak-Iran friendship.

Motorcyclists are travelling from Lahore to Tehran, Iran, to promote Pak-Iran relations, according to information. The riders will travel 7500 kilometres in 26 days and will arrive in Lahore on December 27.

The rally’s organiser, Mukarram Khan Tareen, stated that the rally’s goal is to send a message of global peace. He continued, “We are going to inform the globe that Pakistan is a peaceful, welcoming country that is the greatest for sightseeing.”

The rally will be attended by thirteen bikers, including a female rider from the Cross Route Motorcycle Club, according to Tareen.

We were warmly welcomed here and will participate in various events in Iran, he added. Women are brave, and the message will be sent to the entire world that women are free in Pakistan.

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