Private schools refuse to implement minimum salary of Rs. 25,000


The Grand Alliance of Private Schools Associations Sindh, which represents as many as ten private school associations in the province, has refused to implement the Rs25,000 minimum monthly wage and 10% freeship policy, which requires private schools to provide free education to 10% of their students.

Following a grand alliance meeting on Friday, a press statement was released on Saturday stating that private schools would also refuse to follow additional instructions issued by the Directorate of Inspection and Registration of Private Institutions (Dirpis), which made the renewal of registration conditional on playgrounds and proper structures.

The condition of providing playgrounds to kids for renewal of registration could not be accepted under any circumstances, according to a conference of representatives from several private school organisations.

The grand alliance declared that private school associations’ selected representatives would meet with Sindh’s education minister and Dirpis director general to present their concerns.

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