Pakistan eyes China’s $100 dollar billion imported food market.


Experts believe that Pakistani foods have the potential to capture a larger share of the Chinese imported food market, which is now valued at $100 billion.

According to Ali Salman, Executive Director of the Policy Research Institute of Market Economy, olive oil is now known as a cash crop that the government has worked to cultivate in recent years, in addition to fruits, rice, and other items with export advantages.

Pakistan, as one of Asia’s biggest olive oil producers, is also eyeing China’s massive consumer market. “There are 4.4 million hectares of land in Pakistan that have been designated as suitable for agricultural.” When compared to Spain, which produces over half of the world’s olive oil on its 2.6 million hectares of land, the potential is enormous. So, without a doubt, these are the chances that must be completely utilised,” Salman concluded.

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