Pakistan IT Exports Reaches Highest Ever to $1.05 Billion in 5 Months


Pakistan’s IT and telecom services exports have recently reached their highest level in five months. For the period July-November FY2021-22, ICT export remittances, which includes telecommunication, computer, and information services, increased by 37.57 percent to $1.051 billion, up from $764 million in July-November FY 2020-21.

For the fiscal year 2021-22, net exports were $797 million, or 75.83 percent of total exports of $1.051 billion. For the same period last year, net exports were $554 million, or 72.51 percent of total exports of $764 million.

Export remittances were $26 million greater in October 2021 than the previous month.

Moreover, ICT export remittances were $221 million in November 2021, up from $168 million in November 2020, a growth rate of 31.55 percent.

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