Asma Ashraf’ First ever Pakistani Origin Woman to win french prestigious medal


A woman of Pakistani ancestry has been awarded France’s prestigious National Order of Merit for her contributions to French society in the fields of education and social welfare.

The French government awarded Asma Ashraf the National Order of Merit, the country’s second highest honour after the Legion of Honour. This honour is granted to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the performance of a public, civil, or military role or in private activity for a period of at least ten years.

She stated that the French government has recognised her as the Director and Founder of Femme Relais Médiatrice nterculturelle de Champigny (FRMC), an organisation that provides counselling and solutions to intercultural women.

Ashraf stated that she is honoured to have earned this award, which is a reward of the years of hard work she has put in.

“I regard this honourable award as a testament to the principles I stand for, and I wish to encourage others to carry on this heritage,” she said. I have a lot of ideas in mind, and I’m excited to be able to complete them.”

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