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Proton cars trace back to 1984 when the brand was first launched; the Proton company had an aim to create an all-rounder car. Today the company has become a reliable and renowned manufacturer across the globe. Proton is overgrowing globally and has proved to be a successful source of automobiles.

Proton is a Malaysian commercial vehicle manufacture brand headquarter in Selangor. The company is making all-rounder cars, automobiles blockbusters and is selling 1 million vehicles every year. It is the best known for their x70 and saga cars, SUVs, which had made Pakistani car buyers drool over them.

Proton cars

Proton Car Models 

This company has recently launched proton Saga and proton X70 Car, which has amazed its clients with their engineering style.

Proton Saga

It is an affordable smart car for clients looking for unique and handy vehicles. Proton Saga can be the number one choice of Pakistan car buyers with its prolific exterior and interior.

Proton Saga
  • Transmission type: Manual 5 speed
  • Engine: 1.3L DOHC (VVT)
  • Headlights: Halogen lights
  • Antena: Radio antenna
  • Cabin: N95 filter
  • Fuel capacity: 40 liters
  • Trunk with remote operating setup
  • Wheels: 14 inches alloy wheels
  • Lamps: LED day lamps
Proton Saga

Variants of Proton Saga

Standard M/T 1. 3  liters

It is a 1299 cc manual transmission type car

This variant is economical for many Pakistani car buyers and can provide its riders with a pleasant driving experience.

Ace A/T 1.3 liters

It is a petrol-based automatic transmission type car

It is an economical car with a couple of excellent Worthy features and functions equipped in it it has a beautiful style and architecture.

Proton x70

Proton x70 is a luxurious SUV with a solid interior design of its engine and a smartly designed flexible style. It is an ideal choice for Pakistani customers looking for a high-quality commercial vehicle.


  • Drl halogen headlights for safe and sound travel
  • Wipers with frontal rain sensors to get rid of any unwanted water
  • Exhaust tips on the rear bumper
  • Standard screen wiper on the backside
  • Stoop lamp equipped spoiler
  • Roof railing setup
  • Six airbags
  • Sunroof
  • 360 rotatable camera
  • 1500 cc turbocharged engine
  • 1.5 liters fuel capacity
Proton x70

Varients of Proton X70

Executive AWD

Proton executive AWD is a 1470 cc SUV car

It is an intelligent and modified car with unique features and technologies.

Premium FWD

It is an automatic transmission type 1470 cc SUV car.

This SUV car can be one’s partner for life with its innovative and intelligent design integrated with loads of stylish and worthy features.

Price In Pakistan

Proton is famous for intelligent and affordable cars. Their prices are reasonable and worth the money. Proton car prices in Pakistan are discussed in the table below with the variants and their respective prices.

ModelPrice in Pakistan
Proton x70PKR 459,0000
Proton sagaPKR 192,500
Executive AWDPKR 449,000,0
Premium FWDPKR 489,000,0
Standard M/T 1. 3  litersPKR 191,500
Ace A/T 1.3 litersPKR 217,500


Proton x70 and Proton saga are leading Proton cars with intelligent engineering styles. Their prices in Pakistan are affordable and accessible on the budget. Their interior is nicely covered with leather and equipped with intelligent and modern features and modifications. The Proton SUV cars have got all the clients dropping their jaws over them with flawless specifications and techs. One must look at Proton’s offering before heading towards the car market.

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