50,000 vehicles entered Murree against 4000 Parking Capacity in a recent Snowfall, Administration warns tourist to follow rules


Following three inches of snowfall in Murree, the Rawalpindi government has issued a travel advisory for tourists visiting the city to enjoy the weather.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi asked tourists visiting Malka-e-Kohsar to closely adhere to the recommendations in order to minimise traffic bottlenecks on the highways, as the town only has a parking capacity of 4,000 automobiles, while 50,000 cars have entered Murree thus far.

DC. Tourists should phone 051-9269019 for weather updates and traffic-related information before travelling to Murree, according to Muhammad Ali Randhawa. He also advised tourists to keep the air pressure in their vehicle’s tyres low and avoid stopping in the middle of the road for selfies and photos.

He added that a high number of vehicles parked illegally on both sides of the roadways has further limited the amount of space available for vehicles to drive forward.

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