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As the pandemic hit, Pakistan’s e-commerce ecosystem has grown to become a PKR 96 Billion industry after businesses and consumers were forced to go online. This is just one indicator of the immense potential this industry holds and that is what DirAction has tapped into.

Given that Pakistan is a youth intensive nation, there is untapped potential waiting to be channeled. The youth is brimming with talent, energy and ideas but are in need of opportunities and direction. With the cost of basic education and necessities, it’s no secret that financial strains are on every family. Unfortunately, the size of our job market is not big enough to meet this increasing demand. This gap can only be filled with roughly 2 million jobs being created annually – which is far from the reality. This brings forth the need for platforms that open more avenues of employment and income generation.

Internet is that one tool that our youth is the fastest in adapting to, so why not make this their strength? Leveraging the potential of e-commerce, DirAction is empowering the youth to become self-sustainable by creating an alternate route for them to achieve financial independence. The company is an e-commerce skill-development and investment firm that dares people to win by equipping them with the right skills and mind-set.

With a special focus on youth and women, DirAction is on a mission to make Pakistan one of the largest e-commerce ecosystems in the world. Focusing on the world’s largest e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba & e-bay, the company trains individuals to become either an online manager for an existing seller or start their own online businesses. Here is a snapshot of some of the courses they offer.

1. Virtual Manager

This training enables you to learn all necessary skills that equip you enough to become a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Manager of an existing seller on any e-commerce platform such as product research, sourcing & logistics, listing, branding, PPC & ranking. By becoming a virtual manager, you can start earning right away as a freelancer.

2. Wholesale Seller

This programme trains you to open your own online store and sell highly profitable, top-rated brands. In this training, you learn skills such as how to negotiate for brand approval, master the art of business development, communication, and financial management among others.

3. Private Label

By having your Private Label business means that you start selling products on a given e-commerce platform with your own brand. This programme trains you how to hunt for profitable products and then sell them with your own brand label.

Women With DirAction

Our women are our biggest asset who not only form 48.54% of our nation but also possess natural strengths such as multi-tasking, empathy and meticulous attention to detail. For Pakistan to become one of the strongest economies and nations of the world, it is imperative for this significant half of our population to be equipped, enabled and empowered to become effective economic contributors. E-commerce takes away one major problem faced by women – commute. When the future of work is digital, why not make the most of it? The digital landscape can become their biggest strength.

Through a custom-designed program for women, “Women With DirAction”, DirAction equips them with not just the technical skills but also empowers them with an entrepreneurial mindset to start, grow and scale their e-businesses through self-development and entrepreneurship workshops. The ethos behind this training is to build the self-esteem of our women. Women of all ages are eligible to apply.

Additionally, the top graduates of all DirAction tracks will be offered a membership of DirAct Access Club enabling them to either raise investment for their own e-commerce store or become investors themselves to support others.

The registrations for all course tracks are open with early discounts available. For details visit or call on 0333-1128731 / 0333-1128732.

To know more, join their Facebook community – ‘E-Commerce By DirAction’ at:

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