Remotebase employees get free access to Kickstart co-working spaces nationwide

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remoteBase aims to become the best workplace in Pakistan and rightfully so, it happens to be one of the very few startups that have successfully executed a remote work model so far. They are already successfully running and operating a team of more than 100 employees, across 13+ cities and 2+ global regions remotely. Recently, the company has achieved another breakthrough milestone in this regard.

Keeping up with its tradition of being a futuristic tech startup, remoteBase has signed up Kickstart’s co-working spaces for it’s employees across key cities of Pakistan. This is another step by remoteBase towards building an innovative hybrid work model for its employees.

The startup has been one of the most successful ones in the recent times because of its employee centric, progressive culture. While most of the team operates remotely, it was foreseeable that sometimes the employees might want to work in an office setting outside their homes for a change of pace, for team collaboration & other activities that require individuals to sit together once in a while. remoteBase management has been efficiently proactive in identifying a hybrid solution for their team.

Most companies that operate on a remote work model, often struggle in trying to create a strong team culture and cohesive team bonding. remoteBase already has a robust online platform where everyone is connected like a community. The developers can post their queries online and someone from the community is always there to support them through the problem.  However, the Kickstart co-working spaces for remoteBasers have taken this support to a new level. The co-working space will allow team members from any city to convene, network and synergize their work very easily.    

The Kickstart co-working spaces are well equipped, intelligently designed in geographically convenient local spots with competitive services that other co-working spaces haven’t been able to offer yet.

The company believes that location shouldn’t limit one’s access to network and talent, Kickstart co-working spaces are just the beginning of this chapter. The idea is to facilitate the team as much as possible through spaces that enable productivity and social synergy no matter where the employees are located.  

Post COVID, we have witnessed a massive shift in the work culture globally as well. Most of the world’s leading tech companies are endorsing a hybrid work model to benefit its employees in the most optimal way possible and companies who have failed to comply will soon be facing stagnation and a huge motivation deficit. remoteBase has been very proactive in its approach to build futuristic work models and has now effectively positioned itself as a trailblazer for other startups who want to venture into hybrid work cultures in the future.

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