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Mercedes Benz was the most popular model launched by Mercedes. It is a luxury car from Germany. It was Mercedes Benz which made Mercedes a famous company all over the world. The first-ever Mercedes automobile was the Benz Patent motor car. It was introduced in1886.

Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft was originally an engineering company in Germany which eventually became a company of functioned from 1890 to 1926.

The year 1902 was a year of great business for Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft, this year they started producing Mercedes. Later on, Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft joined with Benz and Cie in 1926. Together these two companies worked under the name of Daimler Benz.

Daimler Benz used Mercedes-Benz as a trademark for their automobile company. In the year 1998, Daimler then joined Chrysler corporation. Together these two companies worked under the name, Daimler Chrysler. Then in the year 2007, after selling Chrysler, the company ran under the name Daimler AG.

Mercedes cars in Pakistan:

1.Mercedes Benz A class:

Mercedes Benz A class is a car with automatic transmission. It uses petrol as fuel. It has an engine of 1332 CC. This car is available in a large variety of colors including cosmos black metallic, gray metallic, denim blue metallic, Jupiter red, digital white metallic, iridium silver metallic, night black, and polar white.

The fastest speed for the Mercedes Benz A class is 229 kilometers per hour. There is only one variant of that model, and it is the Mercedes Benz A 200.

Mercedes Benz A class

2.Mercedes Benz CLA class:

It is a car with an amazing engine of 1332 cc. It has the most common fuel type, petrol. If a person buys Mercedes, he does not have to worry about fuel, since petrol is easily available. It has an automatic transmission.

Mercedes Benz CLA class has only one variant available in Pakistan and that is Mercedes Benz CLA Class CLA 200. This model of Mercedes was introduced in 2012. It is a luxury car. The first generation of Mercedes CLA class has six models available. These include CLA 180, CLA 200, CLA 250 ,CLA 200 CDI,CLA 45 Amg ,CLA 220 CDI .

The front of the first generation of Mercedes is a uniquely designed model. The headlights are styled in the shape of a trapezium.

The interior of the Mercedes CLA class is also designed in a unique way. The seats in front and rear are properly and neatly covered with a fine fabric. The car has power door mirrors, cruise control, a multifunctional steering wheel, a driver seat with 12-way power, two-zone climate control which is automatic, a multi-information display that is seven inches in size, a keyless entry. This amazing car also has AMG door pins, satellite navigation, illuminated door sills, parktronic, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot assist, and elegant ambient interior lights.

The Mercedes CLA class has an average mileage of 9 kilometers per hour to 15 kilometers per hour. The advantages of getting a Mercedes CLA class include very good performance, a beautiful environment that is equally comfortable.

The Mercedes CLA class provides the best ride quality, and it is economical too.

4.Mercedes Benz GLB Class:

This car has an engine of 1332 CC. It works on petrol as fuel. It also has an automatic transmission. A person can easily get any of the two variants easily available in Pakistan including GLB 200-5-seater and GLB 200 – 7-seater. Both variants are automatic, on petrol, and have a 1332 cc engine.

The highest speed that the Mercedes Benz GLB class can achieve is 180 kilometers per hour. It is a family car. It is designed to have seats for a family. This car also is a luxury car. This car is available in different colors.

5.Mercedes Benz E class:

The amazing Mercedes Benz E class is available in three amazing variants. The first variant is E180 Avantgarde. The second variant is E 180 Exclusive, this variant has an engine of 1497 cc. It consumes petrol as fuel. And it has an automatic transmission.

The third variant of the Mercedes Benz E class is E 180 AMG. This variant has a seating capacity for five people.  Benz E has 8 airbags for safety. It also has an anti-lock braking system along with traction control. So, this variant is perfectly designed in terms of safety.

Mercedes Benz E 180 AMG has alloy wheels. It also has fog lights. In addition to all these amazing features, it also has a sunroof, moonroof. In terms of instrumentation, it also has a multi-info and tachometer. For comfort, it has an air conditioner, climate control, heater, power door locks, cruise control, rear AC vents, and interior lighting.

4.Mercedes Benz E class:

6.Mercedes Benz SLK Class:

Mercedes Benz SLK class is available in 4 varieties including SLK 250, SLK 200, SLK 350, SLK 55 AMG.

SLK 200 is a 1991 cc car, consuming petrol as fuel. It is available in five different colors which include black, indium gray metallic, mars red, diamond silver metallic, and lunar blue metallic. It has a horsepower of 184 HP @ 5500 rpm. SLK has four cylinders, and it gives a maximum speed of 260 kilometers per hour. The wheels of this car are made of alloy which is 16 inches in size. The average mileage for SLK 200 is 12 to 17 kilometers per liter.

Another variant of the Mercedes Benz SLK class is SLK 350 which is also available in five different colors. It has an engine of 3498 ccs with a horsepower of 306 HP @ 6500 rpm. It has six cylinders, and it can achieve the highest speed of 260 kilometers per hour. The car has alloy wheels with a size of 17 inches. It has a fuel capacity of 60 Liter. And it gives an average mileage of 11 kilometers per liter.

The last variant is SLK 55 AMG which has an engine of 5461 ccs. It is available in five beautiful colors. It has a steering type of rack and pinion along with an electric motor. The steering has a turning radius of 5.25 m.

7.Mercedes G wagon:

Mercedes G wagon uses diesel as a source of fuel. It has four cylinders. Mercedes g wagon has a fuel capacity of 100 liters. It has an amazing body type which is SUV. Mercedes has added a power steering, power windows front, driver and passenger airbag, multi-function steering wheel, and anti-lock braking system in this car.

7.Mercedes Maybach:

Mercedes Maybach has an engine of 5980 ccs. This car gives a mileage of 7.8 kilometers per liter. The key feature of this car includes waterfall-like seats, ambient lighting with 64 colors, and on top of it, this car provides a massaging driver seat. It has four seats. It has a sedan body type. This model has an automatic transmission with 7 gears. It has 8 airbags for safety. It also has a 4-zone climate control ventilation system.

Maybach has a digital fuel gauge and analog speedometer. This car has a fuel tank capacity of 80 liters. The steering wheel of this car has a minimum turning radius of 6.45 meters.

Mercedes Maybach

9.Mercedes Jeep:

Mercedes jeep comes under the umbrella of Benz G class. It has an engine displacement of 2925 cc. It is designed with 5 seats. This car has an automatic transmission with 9 – speeds. Mercedes jeep has outstanding styling of the exterior. The customer gets a powerful V8 engine. It was originally designed in Austria. This car was developed for military purposes, later, it was transformed into a luxury car. The newest model to be introduced by Mercedes will be a hybrid 4 l turbo twin-turbo. It will have a more efficient engine with more styling.

Mercedes Price in Pakistan

Latest models of MercedesPrice in Pakistan
1.Mercedes Benz A class  Rs. 17,700,000 – Rs. 19,000,000
2. Mercedes Benz CLA classRs. 14,500,000 – Rs. 15,500,000
3. Mercedes Benz GLB classRs. 16,000,000 – 16,500,000
4.Mercedes Benz E 180 exclusiveRs. 19,000,000
5. Mercedes Benz E 180 EMGRs. 19,500,000 – 21,000,000
6. Mercedes Benz SLK classRs. 75,000,000
7. Mercedes G wagonRs. 93,500,000
8. Mercedes MaybachRs. 18,000,000
9. Mercedes jeepRs. 23,300,200 – Rs. 24,000,500.


There is no doubt Mercedes has proved itself as the best automobile company in the whole wide world. Mercedes not only works on styling, which is admired by everyone. But Mercedes also works on the engine providing the best services in every model. Mercedes has proved that their cars are not only luxurious but also safe for families. Cars by Mercedes have a proper safety system.

Mercedes is not only a car but a sign of class. These cars stand out everywhere. Mercedes always provides the best technology available. In summary, the best choice for a person who loves cars is Mercedes.

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