Iron Price in Pakistan 2022 – Latest and Best Irons in Pakistan with Pictures

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No one wants to gather a massive pile of clothes and iron them for hours standing in such awkward and miserable positions. This only reason should be enough for you to think about purchasing a good iron or putting a little effort into selecting a good iron for your laundry. Putting even a little thought can help you save plenty of time that you would waste in ironing your piles with your clumsy cheap dollar store iron. With the help of good innovative iron, one can easily save time by quick pressing and ironing.

But before indulging in the best models, there are several things one should know and consider before opting for a steam iron or a simple iron; one of the essential features is steam! Nothing is more valuable in iron; the lights, the new radio feature, the hot design all come after the steam option. And they all can go wasteful if your iron can’t produce steam!!!

It doesn’t matter if you keep your piles of clothes to iron them in one shift or press them time to time with doing laundry; ironing them in both cases can be a hectic job if your iron is not good and up to dated, we have gathered Pakistans top Selling irons here that you can pick yourself one from.

Best Selling Iron In Pakistan

Panasonic NI-22Awtxj Iron 4899

Panasonic NI-22Awtxj is an affordable and innovative iron with Japanese manufacturing materials and a good heating setup.

Panasonic NI-22Awtxj Iron 4899


  • Duplex metallic cover
  • Made and manufactured in Japan
  • 1000 watts power wattage
  • Non-snag coated soleplate
  • Non-stick soleplate
  • Six temperature setting setup

Panasonic NI-P250T Steam Iron

Panasonic NI-P250T is a steam and heat iron ideal for removing heavy and stubborn creases in one go. Panasonic NI-P250T Steam Iron


  • Flexible steaming
  • Splash mist setup
  • Simple refilling feature
  • An elastic cord with 360° rotation
  • Soleplate with steam circling setup
  • Swivel cord with adjustable system
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Anti calcium feature
  • 200ml water capacity
  • 1300 watts to 1500 watts power

Panasonic NI-313EWT Iron

Panasonic NI-313EWT is a modern solution to your ironing problems; it comes with an adhesive-coated base for non-stick and non sung functions.


  • Non-stick and non-snag features
  • Adhesive coated base
  • Good thumb grip setup
  • 1000 watts power wattage
  • Non-stick soleplate
  • Guide for temperature setting
  • 220 volts to 249 volts voltage
  • Easy-grip in the form of (V) the easy-to-sleeve.

Philips GC 120/19 Iron

Philips is an innovative and prolific home appliance manufacturer; its new GC 120/19 is an affordable iron with a pilot lamp and thermostat dial.

Philips GC 120/19 Iron


  • Thermostat dial
  • Pilot lamp feature
  • Button Grove with full length
  • Equipped with cord winder
  • Fabric guide with multiple language setup
  • 1000 watts to 1400 watts power wattage
  • Available in white and green color.

Phillips GC 160/02 Iron

Phillips GC 160/02 Iron is a new and modern solution for your laundry problems with quality features and functions.

Phillips GC 160/02 Iron in Pakisatm


  • 1200 watts power wattage
  • Soft grip and comfortable button grove
  • Unique design for reaching difficult areas
  • A long-lasting cord with easy cord wire
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to operate
  • Light indicator with temperature setup
  • Temperature control feature for safe pressing

Philips GC 1418 Iron

Philips GC 1418 is a high-selling and prolific steam iron accompanied with a 70 grams steam boost.

Philips GC 1418 Iron


  • 70 grams steam boost
  • 1000 watts power wattage
  • Nonsnug coated soleplate
  • Calcium cleaning feature
  • Non-stick base
  • Easy to operate and safe to handle
  • Available in white and purple color

National NI 21-AWT Iron

Nation NI 21AWT iron is Pakistan’s best-selling high-quality iron ideal for ironing tough and stubborn clothes.

National NI 21-AWT Iron Price


  • Dry and heavy iron
  • 1000 watts power wattage
  • The voltage of 220 volts
  • Soleplate with non-stick coating
  • Temperature and heat resistant
  • Six temperature setting setup
  • Gray plate feature

National SL 33

National SL 33 is an affordable and innovative iron with accessible operating and Safety features.

It is an ideal choice for most Pakistani customers.

National SL 33 Iron


  • Power 1000 watts
  • 220 volts voltage
  • Soleplate with non-sticking functions
  • Available in golden and blank colors
  • Heat and temperature resistant technology
  • Safe and innovative design

Iron Price in Pakistan

Here are some of the best-selling irons discussed with their prices in Pakistan, respectively.

Best Iron ModelsPrice In Pakistan
Panasonic NI-22Awtxj IronPKR 4,899
Panasonic NI-P250T Steam IronPKR 2,999
Panasonic NI-313EWT IronPKR 2,280
Philips GC 120/19 IronPKR 2,350
Phillips GC 160/02 IronPKR 3,099
Philips GC 1418 IronPKR 2,498
National NI 21-AWT IronPKR 980
National SL 33PKR 1,300


Above, we have discussed Pakistan’s best-selling Irons that are affordable and innovative; the safety and prolific design of these irons are unbeatable. One should consider these features and functions before buying and selecting an iron for their ironing purposes.

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