New WhatsApp Message Scam can hack your back account

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Recently, a new WhatsApp scam called has been used to steal personal data and bank account information from victims. This scam allows fraudsters to force users to divulge their credit card information, but it is also reported to infect Windows PCs, iPhones, and Android phones.

When a user receives the link and clicks on it, a new page appears, asking them to complete a survey. The user is notified that he or she will receive a prize after finishing the survey.

However, the user is routed to a webpage that requests their name, age, address, bank information, and other personal information that could lead to identity theft.

Once all of the facts are in place, the fraudsters utilize the information to conduct transactions and participate in criminal activities using the user’s personal information.

Not only this, the information supplied is exploited by scammers to install malicious software on the user’s device.

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