19 Year Old Hackers Claims he can Control over 20 Tesla Cars Remotely around the World Due to a Software Flaw

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After uncovering a software hole in Tesla’s systems, a 19-year-old security researcher in Germany claims he was able to remotely hack into more than 25 Tesla vehicles in 13 countries.

David Colombo said in a series of tweets that he was able to remotely enter the cars and disable Sentry Mode—a function that allows Tesla owners to monitor suspicious activity—unlock doors and windows, and start them without keys.

Colombo also stated that he could find out where the driver was and if they were in the car, and that the list of things he could do was “quite long.”

The kid went on to say that the vulnerability was not due to Tesla’s infrastructure, but rather “the owners’ [sic] problems,” and that he would “need to disclose this to the owners,” although he did not provide the software issue’s exact details.

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