More Than 400 Pakistani Researchers Found Having Published Papers In Fake Journal


In a recent clone publication called ‘International Journal of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (IJDRBC),’ more than 400 Pakistani scholars and academics from various public and private universities have published over 150 fake research papers since 2019.

A clone journal is a low-quality publication that uses the name of a prominent publication.

Some authors appear to have willfully submitted their papers to the clone journal in the instance of the IJDRBC, as evidenced by the fact that a single issue of the journal has contained from four to five papers written by the same authors, which is something that a legitimate journal would never allow.

Furthermore, the clone journal may have mislead several other academics. However, if they were deceived, they bear some responsibility because they should have checked the journal’s legitimacy using the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan’s (HEC) Journal Recognition System (HJRS).

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