Iraqi Pilgrim Arrives in Makkah on Foot for 11 Months from Britain to Perform Hajj

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Adam Muhammad, an Iraqi pilgrim, reached Mecca on foot, crossing 11 countries and taking nearly 11 months to get to Islam’s holiest site.

This was a lifelong and absolute dream for Adam that came true as he accomplished what many considered an impossible feat.

“Hajj is my highest and most cherished wish,” he said after arriving in Mecca, performing Umrah and spending time near the Holy Kaaba.

Adam, who has lived in Britain for about 25 years, dreamed of embarking on a spiritual journey to Mecca to perform the obligatory ritual of Hajj. But an absolute dream was the instant provocation for him to walk the spiritual path of his life.

“Ever since the lockdown crackdown following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, I have been busy reading and understanding the meaning of the Holy Quran. And after a year and a half of intense study of the Scriptures, one day I awoke from my dream with an intuition telling me to walk to Mecca,” he said.

Adam left Britain on August 1, 2021, and made his way to Mecca to perform Hajj, taking a three-wheeled cart to transport his personal belongings. The 52-year-old pilgrim said his preparations for the pilgrimage took only two months and that a British organization approached him.

Regarding the arduous journey, Adam said that he encountered no significant obstacles on his way to Mecca. “There were no significant difficulties, apart from brief arrests by the police authorities in several countries to inquire about my whereabouts, but they were surprised to learn of my unique mission.

“Many people have helped me throughout my journey, but I have never asked anyone for help,” he said while emphasizing that what he is doing is for God and not to write an album.

A video clip showed the joy and satisfaction of the Iraqi pilgrim upon arrival at the final destination: the holy capital of Mecca.

Several Meccan residents and pilgrims at the Ayesha Mosque in Al-Tasneem expressed their joy at the coming of Adam, who began his journey on foot from Britain 10 months and 25 days ago, crossing 11 countries.

Adam thanked the people of Saudi Arabia, who have showered him with generosity since arriving in the Kingdom. He now entirely devotes himself to the mental and physical preparations for the annual Hajj pilgrimage, which is a week away.

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