A Family where Every Family Member is MBBS Doctors Since 1920

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The House of 150 MBBS Graduates.

Delhi’s Sabharwal family has got the rare distinction of being the only family where every single member is a doctor for the past five generations. It started with their great grandfather “Lala Jeevanmal Sabharwal” who was a station master in Lahore. One day, he heard Mahatma Gandhi talking about health and education. Being inspired, he decided to build a hospital. He then insisted that all his four sons should study medicine and his family produced the first doctor, Dr. Bodhraj. Dr. Bodhraj then decided that every subsequent generation had to study medicine.

Every son had to marry a doctor.

The family moved to Delhi and opened five more hospitals, each bearing the name Jeevan. For them, it’s not a profession but more of public service. Every child born in The Sabbarwal since 1920 family studies medicine to become a medical doctor.

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