CSS Result: Nearpeer Celebrates It’s Highest Share of 2021 Qualifiers (37 Out of 207): Free Admissions for All Students as Treat


FREE courses options at Nearpeer:

1. Free Courses by Abrar for those who are about to start CSS preparation and need to know how to start, where to start from, what books to consult, etc. It’s a MUST-TAKE course if you are planning to start preparation. Even if you have already started preparation, this course will help you brush up on a lot of misconceptions with regard to preparation. Course Link:  https://bit.ly/3OTE9ah

2. Tyaari kese karni hai? Akhbaar kese parhna hai? Enroll FREE Sir Zohaib’s (PAS, CSS 2017) Course to know all the nitty-gritty of CSS preparation: https://bit.ly/3OwfEQK

3. Want any other course for FREE? Use this promo code npcss1500three (worth 2000Rs) to unlock any three modules of any course of your choice.  

Promo code: npcss1500three

How to use Promo code: https://youtu.be/TmaJLPL7BZI 

How to Signup: https://youtu.be/boFLe6d5JbI 

Get in touch with us for free guidance:

Confused about how and where to start from? Confused about how to use the website? Or how Nearpeer courses can help? Confused about how to choose optionals? Don’t worry. Get in touch with us. WhatsApp us right away and our counselor shall be more than happy to guide you. WhatsApp number: +923111444734

About Nearpeer

Tufail Khan, a student of Baluchistan was trying hard to prepare for his upcoming competitive exams but all in vain. Due to the remote location of his residence, he was unable to gain access to any academy or proper guidance. It was grueling, till the time he came to know about Nearpeer. Today, he swears by the fact that this online platform has helped him in gaining major insight through his preparation journey and he is not the only one.

Every year around 40,000 students apply for competitive exams, but majority fail. In the year 2021, the percentage of candidates who managed to pass the exam was 2.1 %. Such statistics raise the questions, why do students fail and what are the reasons behind this failure? Analysis of the past years’ passing trends highlights the fact that to crack competitive exams, students need access to top educators, comprehensive resources, and the latest methodologies. But, today, getting access to this has become a competition. To find the answers to the queries, those who can manage, they knock the doors of academies and the others are left behind due to several reasons. Academies are expensive, they are not in every city and they manage to stick with the mainstream market-based books and material which fails to leave that distinctive impact while attempting the exam.

Nearpeer to the Rescue

Amidst all the hassle and hurdles, Nearpeer is that EdTech platform that offers a solution to all aforementioned issues. An online educational podium, started in 2016 with a vision to make quality education affordable and accessible throughout Pakistan. It sticks to the motto that every person has the right to have access to education irrespective of their geographical background.

Since the day the Nearpeer started offering its services it has seen spectacular growth with 16,000 active subscribers and has covered 40 cities. It offers; recorded classes and live sessions from the best educators (Sir Abrar, Sir Zohaib, Ma’am Zarbab, Ma’am Mitchell, and others) via structured syllabus, doubt clearing sessions, and online classrooms and test/practice opportunities. More importantly, the structure, the study material, the mock tests, and practice tests are all designed taking the needs of the learners into consideration to help them play on their strengths and work on their weaknesses at discounted rates. Where a regular academy charges around 100k for a session, Nearpeer charges lesser than half of it.

Allocation of 37 students into different groups (PAS, PSP, IRS, MLC etc.) of Superior Services Pakistan is also another string to the bow. Feedback proves to be the best proof for the evaluation of a platform’s success. Neapeer along with a 500k hours of watch time, has a 98% positive feedback record. 

Nearpeer Success Story 

Ali Ahmad (Position 88th) got allocated in Inland Revenue Services group in year 2021. He states “Nearpeer has played a major role in my CSS journey. The concise and eloquent lectures helped me a lot. The overall experience has been tremendous. The platform of Nearpeer is highly recommended”.

Don’t wait for change, be the change

Amidst the chaos of a less-than-perfect education system, undue pressure on students and a journey that is grueling, Nearpeer believes that it is essential for technology to break traditional norms and make a real impact on Pakistan’s education sector. It is the harbinger of change, breaking the traditional stereotypes of relying on market strategy, rather it emphasizes on being distinctive all the way till the exams end. So what are you waiting for? Take control of your learning today. Study smart and study fast towards a smarter you. Join Nearpeer by enrolling in the free course offered by the top-rated instructor Sir Abrar (https://bit.ly/3OTE9ah). For further details, WhatsApp at +923111444734

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