People’s Bus Service, Karachi – Routes, Fares, Timings, and Other Details


In Karachi, there is a vast network of private transport services. Therefore, a project under Sindh govt Karachi was started to comfort the people. Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto inaugurated PBS Karachi on June 27, 2022.

There are 140 buses, of which 130 will be operational for Karachi, and the remaining will be used for the Larkana in its 1st phase.

Karachi people bus service capacity is 80 passengers, but the Sindh Mass Transit Authority has permitted to facilitate a total of 31 passengers. There will be two reserved seats for the special or disabled passengers.

People Bus Service Routes

Govt of Sindh has announced 240 buses for the PBS project. For the successful completion of this project, seven multiple metropolis routes are chosen.

According to the obtained information, there are two main phases for the people bus service operating in different areas of Karachi.


All the seven Karachi people bus service routes are as follows. The bus stations are currently under construction.

People Bus Service Route

Route 1

Karachi Bus service route 1 is for the model colony to Tower. This route includes a total of 38 bus stations to provide comfort to the public. The total distance covered by the Karachi people bus on this route is around 29.5 Kilometers. Some bus stations on this route are still under construction and are expected to be completed soon.

Route 2

Karachi people bus service route 2 covers areas from North Karachi to Indus Hospital. This route covers Nagan Chowrangi, Sohrab Goth, NIPA, COD, Colony gate, and Landhi road areas. The total distance is around 32.9 kilometers, containing 30 bus stations for the convenience of commuters.

Route 3

Karachi people bus route 3 starts from Nagan Chowrangu and ends at Anda Morr in the Singer Chowrangi area. This route covers the following areas with a total distance of 33Km.

  • Nagan Chowrangi
  • North Nazimabad town
  • KDA Chowrangi
  • Liaquatabad 10 number
  • Eissa Nagri
  • Civic center
  • National stadium
  • Karsaz
  • Nursery
  • FTC
  • Korangi road
  • KPT
  • Shan Chowrangi

Route 4

Karachi People bus service route 4 is 30.4 Km long, starts from north Karachi, and ends at Dockyard by covering various areas. This route includes New Karachi, university road, M-9, Ayesha Mazil, Lalu Khet, Guru Mandir, Empress market, Sindh High court road, and Tower. There are also many other bus stations on this route.

Route 5

Karachi people bus service route 5 is from Surajani Town to Masroor base. It is 28.2 Km long, covering the following areas.

  • New Karachi
  • Shafiq Morr
  • KMDC
  • Ziauddin Chowrangi
  • KDA Chowrangi
  • Musa Colony
  • Manghopir
  • SITE area
  • Gulbai

Route 6

Route 6 of the Karachi bus is 29.6 Km long, starting from Gulshan e Bihar orangi to singer chowrangi. This route includes the following bus stations.

  • Banaras
  • Paposh
  • Nagar
  • SITE Area
  • Golimar
  • Garden
  • PIB Colony
  • Mahmoodabad
  • Manzoor colony
  • DHA Phase 1
  • KPT interchange
  • Shan Chowrangi

Route 7

  • PBS Karachi route 7 covers areas from Mosamiayt to Baldia town. It includes the areas Gulshan e Iqbal, Federal B, and Qaddafi stadium route. This route has a total distance of 28.9 Km.

Karachi People Bus Service Timings

The Karachi people bus service project is a gift for the citizens of Sindh. The people can travel with the lowest fare from the other transport services. The authority sets Karachi people bus service timings. The buses will be available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Karachi People Bus Service

Karachi People Bus Service Fare

Karachi people bus service fare is affordable. Govt has structured the fare in such a way that a common person should easily afford it. The minimum people bus service fare is PKR. 25. and the maximum is PKR. 55. The fare amount depends on the bus station’s location, i.e., the destination point of commuters.

In the coming days, maybe the people bus service Karachi fare increase from the mentioned above, as the price of petrol and diesel are increasing rapidly from the last few months as PM Shahbaz Sharif has taken charge.

Future PBS projects in Karachi

In the future, it is expected that more routes will be available that will connect Karachi with cities and its other areas. If this step is taken, it will prove a stepping-stone for the improvement of Karachi.

End Note

The Karachi people bus service is a good step to progress in Karachi. Also, the people bus service fare are less than the other private transport services.

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