Pakistani Job Seekers in UAE Increased by 128%

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The number of Pakistanis that moved to the UAE for employment in 2022 (up to May) has risen by 128% when compared to the total number that went in all of 2021, as Covid restrictions eased.

This is mainly due to the fact that people in Pakistan are not getting jobs and they seek jobs in other countries to support their Families.

Pakistanis that registered for employment in the UAE is 62,615 till May, up from 2021’s total of 27,442. things now appear to be picking up as the UAE eases COVID-related restrictions and opens up its economy as well as tourism.

UAE’s growth stood out when compared with the other top four countries where Pakistanis sought employment. While Saudi Arabia saw an increase of nearly 31%, lower than that of the UAE, Oman (decrease of 7%), Qatar (fall of 40%), and Bahrain (decrease of 42%) all saw declines.

$435 million came as inflows from the UAE in May 2022, of which an amount of $332 million was from Dubai alone, indicating it is the most popular among all the emirates for Pakistanis to go and work in. Some $97 million came from Abu Dhabi and $3.6 million from Sharjah.

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