takes a Dig at the Political Situation


On 26th July, the Supreme Court of Pakistan issued a verdict in the CM Punjab election case, resulting in PML-Q’s leader Pervez Elahi becoming the new CM of the province., one of the leading online pharmacies in Pakistan, leveraged the situation and took a dig at the political situation and participated in the much-talked-about topic. 

This is not the first time the health-tech startup trolled the on-going situation, as a few days back, nietzens enjoyed another status on their facebook page. is a leading health-tech startup which started its operations in September 2020 & has delivered to hundreds of thousands of customers across Pakistan. They have invested heavily in building a replicable infrastructure with purpose-built warehouses, technology stack focused on just-in-time medicine inventory and an AI powered logistics solution. 

A few months back, became the talk of the town when some blue billboards across Pakistan went viral with the hashtag #TabiyatKhush which left netizens curious and amused. The billboards and newspaper ads in which a number of one-liners like ‘Imran, ab hogi tabiyat khush?” were written, instantly got the attention of people, making it viral in no time. 

The brand tone of is known to have a friendly, amusing lingo which greatly resonates with the audience and this time was no different.

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