Confiz Launches CEmerge 2022 in an Effort to Empower the Emerging Talent in Tech

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Passionate about inspiring the new generation of trailblazers within the tech space, Confiz launches CEmerge 2022 to offer a smooth onboarding experience for its 60+ new hires. The event was packed with enlightening knowledge sessions, engaging networking opportunities, and various team-building activities to equip the new hires with techniques and tools to kickstart their professional journey.

“CEmerge is a pathway to new beginnings, a celebration of our culture. It will not only serve as a stepping stone in the careers of our emerging talent but also marks the success of our fresh graduate hiring program. It is a testament to our commitment towards rapid growth and a sustainable future in tech.”, Tayyaba Nisar – Manager of Employee Experience at Confiz.

With a strong emphasis on building diverse and highly inclusive teams of professionals, CEmerge provides an up-close look at how Confiz aids the development and success of its employees in a high-growth industry. The orientation played a vital role in helping the new joiners to get the most out of this unique onboarding process, and offered an opportunity to learn about the Confiz culture and values as they went through informative training sessions shared by the organizing team.

Senior Vice President of Professional Services at Confiz, Ahsan Saleem also addressed the new hires at the event. He talked about his professional journey from a Project Manager to the Senior Vice President of Professional Services, and how the unique company culture supplemented his growth throughout the years. He stated, “We’re very excited to have you on board, and you’re the largest group of young engineers we have hired to date. We as an organization have very high ambitions to grow globally, and we hope that you help us in our journey to succeed.” 

After the orientation, the new hires were given the platform to introduce themselves, which was followed by unique and immersive team-building activities to promote problem-solving and collaboration in a fun and creative professional atmosphere. During the networking session, the new hires got to interact with the Confiz portfolio leads including Dawood Liaqat, Syed Salman Ahmed, and Fahad Ilyas. The event concluded with inspiring experience-sharing sessions, and an engaging walk-through of Life at Confiz for leading professionals.

CEmerge 2022 proved to be a massive success, and Confiz commits to carrying on initiatives that enable a sustainable future in the tech industry by offering young talent opportunities that set them up for growth and professional excellence.

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