ibex. – The only company in Pakistan with the highest ratio of females working the night shift.

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Today, when our country is witnessing a serious economic crisis, it is crucial for both males & females to contribute to the household and adapt to what the west and many countries in the Islamic world like Indonesia and Malaysia have been doing for decades: providing equal opportunity for female employment. Hence, in order to break gender stereotypes and inequalities, ibex. has stepped forward to play a significant role and bring about a change.

The safety and security of females has always been a question mark in our country. Therefore, if a safe, protected, and healthy environment is ensured for females, then we will witness a massive positive change in the society where women will confidently and safely work in any provided condition.

ibex. is one of the few companies in the country that is working to provide a safe and secured environment for females. Further, they also ensure a company transport right at the doorstep of their employees, so that they do not have to worry about increasing petrol prices and traffic jams. This news serves as a breath of fresh air in times when Pakistan is in the 145th position in the Gender disparity index out of 146 countries. It only shows that we might be far behind on the list, but the cycle is breaking.

Nadeem Elahi, Country Manager for ibex. Pakistan, Middle East & North Africa says: “At ibex we are very proud to be an equal opportunity employer. My personal belief is that if a country like ours needs to achieve rapid GDP growth and economic prosperity, it will only happen IF half the country’s female population enters the work force particularly in our urban areas. We currently have a workforce of over 7,000 professionals at ibex. Pakistan out of which over 30% are females and frankly we would like to see this ratio to reach 50% in the next 2-3 years. The company is making all-out efforts to recruit females with attractive packages, benefits like pick and drop facilities and most important we have built a safe and healthy work environment where our female staff can build a successful career to grow both personally and professionally.”

Additionally, there is good news too – ibex. is hiring over 700 people in the upcoming 5-weeks and will give you a golden opportunity to work for some of the largest and biggest retail and financial services brands in the world.

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Karachi: https://bit.ly/3cNmfrU
Lahore: https://bit.ly/3JdiS9R
Islamabad: https://bit.ly/3ozriyY

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