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Those who depend heavily on their mobile phones as their primary means of communication will find that a hands-free kit is a very useful accessory to have.

This assertion is accurate, particularly during the pandemic’s work-from-home days, as we frequently need to stay in touch with our coworkers, delivery drivers, and friends for professional or social reasons.

Many handsfree resemble one another in appearance, functionality, and features, and there are a plethora of imitations and knockoffs available.

Therefore, we have reviewed some of the best handsfree sets of ronin handsfree along with ronin handsfree price in Pakistan to make it simple for you to contact your food delivery rider while you are coding on your computer.

Ronin No.1 Mobile Accessories Brand in Pakistan

As the top manufacturer of mobile phone accessories in Pakistan, Ronin offers its clients innovative and cutting-edge accessories. For its clients, Ronin offers the greatest hands-free in Pakistan. Ronin’s offers a variety of wireless hands-free options, including iPhone and Bluetooth models.

Best Ronin handsfree in Pakistan

Ronin Universal Handsfree R-9

Buy Original Ronin Universal Handsfree R9-2C78Y -

Prominent features of Ronin Universal Handsfree R-9 are:

  • n-ear design
  • In-line key with integrated microphone for answering calls & controlling music play quality mic for crystal clear calls
  • Answer/end key
  • Comfortable design

Ronin R-15 / R15 / R 15 Genuine Bass

Ronin R-15 Handsfree Genuine Bass – Gilanz Online

Key features of Ronin R-15 / R15 / R 15 Genuine Bass are:

  • Hassle Free Calls
  • Pause music or answer calls with the convenient remote and microphone.
  • Comfortable Sound quality with clear sound and with heavy bass.
  • HD Speakers
  • Ensure Excellent sound accuracy and clarity.
  • High Elastic Wire
  • TPE High Elastic Wire design, anti-pull, long life.

Ronin R-14 Ambient Sound Handsfree

Ronin R-14 Ambient Sound Handsfree

Prominent features of Ronin R-14 Ambient Sound Handsfree are:

  • high-fidelity Handsfree
  • audiophile-grade headphones
  • provide maximum comfort and durability.
  • frequency range of 10Hz – 50KHz, this Handsfree delivers a deep and accurate sound with a highly responsive and unique bass.
  • Built for travellers and everyday use, the Ronin Handsfree are the perfect companion for all your adventures.

Ronin TWS Bluetooth Handsfree R-940

R-940 TWS Stylo Pods Wireless Earphone

Prominent specs and features of Ronin TWS Bluetooth Handsfree R-940 are:

  • Provides High Fidelity Sound, Superior Bass
  • It has Bluetooth 5.0 which Enables Faster Pairing.
  • Stable and Efficient Wireless Connection.
  • Light Weight Design
  • Provides Extended Music Time
  • Stylish and Compact Charging Case
  • 490 mAh Case Battery Capacity
  • 37 mAh Each Earbud Battery
  • Upto 3.5 hours continuous Talk time

Ronin R18 HD Sound Earphone Handsfree

Ronin R-18 100% Clear Sound Earphone

Prominent features of Ronin R18 HD Sound Earphone Handsfree are:

  • HD Sound Quality
  • Hi Fi Sound Quality and noise isolation with precise bass
  • Long Wearing Comfort
  • Lightweight and comfortable design assure you the long wearing comfort
  • TPE High Elastic Wire Design
  • High Quality TPE High Elastic wire Design gives you anti pull long life.

Ronin Wireless Headphone R-9500

R-9500 Crystal Clear Sound Headphone

Prominent specs and features of Ronin Wireless Headphone R-9500 are:

  • Wireless noise cancelling headphones + mic
  • It has soft ear cushions
  • This has 24 hours of listening time
  • Comes with 3.5 mm audio cable
  • Hear music and conversations with complete clarity
  • Play music or answer your phone simply by putting on the headset.
  • A dedicated button gives you quick access to mute, while voice prompts alert you if you’re on mute when you start talking.
  • Roam with ease at a range of up to 10 m/33ft with a Class 1 Bluetooth® device.

Ronin Handsfree Price in Pakistan

Ronin has wide range of Handsfree for its customers. Price of Ronin Handsfree in Pakistan start from PKR 300 and its average price is around PKR 700.

The price list of the latest and best Ronin handsfree in Pakistan is below:

Ronin Earphones

Price in Pakistan

Ronin Universal Handsfree R-9

Rs 420

Ronin R-15 / R15 / R 15 Genuine Bass

Rs 450

Ronin R-14 Ambient Sound Handsfree

Rs 675

Ronin TWS Bluetooth Handsfree R-940

Rs 3,799

Ronin R18 HD Sound Earphone Handsfree

Rs 349

Ronin Wireless Headphone R-9500

Rs 3,199

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