MUVA Electric Rickshaws are Made in Pakistan Completely from Scratch at Their State-of-the-Art Facility in Lahore


Pakistan Auto Show (PAS) 2022 participated from several promising prospect, one such new is YES Electromotive, a totally original electric vehicle (EV) maker that is looking to introduce MUVA electric rikshaws in Pakistan.

As per firm’s representative, MUVA electric rikshaws are totally made and assembled in Pakistan from scratch in Lahore.

It is under fine-tuning by the company through testing and research and development before it’s officially introduce to general public of to the market.

Light commercial vehicles, a development program which was covered by MUVA which stands for Modular Utility Vehicle Architecture.

The tiny EVs would works as same purpose as a conventional rickshaw but contains zero tail pipe emissions. It is efficient with 7 times less running cost as compare to normal three wheels rikshaws.

It is an ultra light commercial EV that is convenient for three passengers and a seat for driver, consisting of max load capacity of 300 kgs and crib weight of 450 kgs. Furthermore, it consist of single permanent magnet electric motor which produce Upto 10.7 horsepower.

MUVA rickshaw would be sold as commercial EV only and the firm’s objective is to have a twinkle-toed sales. In addition, YES Electromotive are also looking forward to embrace a ride hailing service operating model, where the driver would be able to mobilize these rickshaws through mobile app, stated by representative.

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