Iftikhar Thakur to donate PKR 2 Million to Nearpeer for free online education of deserving students


Mr. Iftikhar Tharkur to donate 2 million PKR to Nearpeer to make online courses available to needy students.

Apply for the scholarship here: https://www.nearpeer.org/np-link/fg4fneahtd

About the Scholarship

Nearpeer and Mr. Iftikhar Thakur believe in the fact that every student deserves to have a shot at attaining a quality education. Mr. Thakur is a real-life hero; a philanthropist, who is actively taking part in exterminating key issues that are affecting society negatively. His efforts are remarkable. He has now decided to join the Ed-tech platform i.e. Nearpeer to promote the idea of attaining quality education in the comfort of your own home by insisting parents and children to explore the online education platforms for having a better chance at success. Nearpeer is an ed-tech program enjoying increasing popularity with every passing day. Courses offered at Nearpeer are lauded by those who have access to them. To make it something more than a far-fetched dream, Mr. Thakur is going to help nearpeer by donating 2 million PKR to needy students in form of online courses. Offering access to the students who are deserving is a small effort to give them a shot at a better future.

Apply for the scholarship here: https://www.nearpeer.org/np-link/fg4fneahtd

What Nearpeer has to offer

Started in 2016, in a pre-pandemic world, Nearpeer is an initiative aimed to provide quality education affordable and accessible throughout Pakistan and the Middle East using technology. It believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn and grow, irrespective of their paying capacity and geographical location. Nearpeer is a multi-dimensional Ed-tech portal that offers online courses in several verticals from F.Sc. students to the ones preparing for government jobs. You can even learn several skillsets to kick start your career from scratch. It also aids students in acing O/A’Levels, Entry Tests (MDCAT, ECAT, SAT, etc), CA, ACCA, and CSS. It offers recorded classes and live sessions from the best educators via a structured syllabus, doubt clearing sessions, and online classrooms and test/practice opportunities. More importantly, the structure, the study material, the mock tests, and the practice tests are all designed to take the needs of the learners into consideration to help them play on their strengths and work on their weaknesses. So, if you are a student of F.Sc., you are preparing for MDCAT, you are striving to achieve your goals by acing CSS/PMS, or you are hunting for a government job, NOW is your chance to have a swing at it only by applying for the free courses and filling a form.

Apply for the scholarship here: https://www.nearpeer.org/np-link/fg4fneahtd

Nearpeer and Mr. Thakur are inculcating the idea of Independence of Learning

Education is the most empowering force in the world. It creates knowledge, builds confidence, and overcomes the impediments in way of opportunities. For every individual out there, it is a key to opening doors to a better life. However, many students FAIL to attain this key due to financial barriers, and unfortunately, only 10% of students are able to attain a graduation degree as compared to a number of primary school students. Since the day Nearpeer started offering its services it has seen spectacular growth with 400,000+ active subscribers and has covered 40 cities. It has already offered scholarships to over 1 million intermediate students and has offered free courses to many students aspiring for CSS. It is still aiming high to help as many students as it can and Mr. Thakur has joined hands with the team to do so.

What do you have to do?

To apply for the opportunity, you only have to fill out the attached form.

Apply for the scholarship here: https://www.nearpeer.org/np-link/fg4fneahtd

Mention all the relevant details and submit it as soon as possible. If you pass the criteria, Nearpeer will get back to you on contact details you provided. Avail this and take one big leap forward in the right direction. You are just one step away from a bright future.

For any further queries, WhatsApp at +923111444734

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