Attempt to hack Stormfiber’s website by Indian hackers foiled


Stormfiber’s, Pakistan’s most reliable fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) internet and television service provider, official website witnessed severe irregularities due to a hacking attempt earlier in the day. The source of the attempt was deciphered to have been made by an Indian hackers’ group known as Neo-h4ck3r.

Powered by Cybernet, StormFiber Pakistan’s #1 corporate ISP’s business has been on an upward moving trend in the company with the recent introduction of its services in Rawalpindi after making a significant impact with its high-quality service in the rest of the country.

A number of reasons can be attributed to the hacking attempt such as theft of information pertaining to its customers, their bank or credit card details, CNIC numbers, etc. However, the attempt was successfully foiled as no breaches of information were made while Stormfiber informed its customers of the event through its social media platforms.

They wrote, “This morning, our website was attacked by foreign hackers and the home page was changed. No customer payment data was compromised as the website stores limited public, static content.

“In any case, we took down the website to sanitize it and patch the vulnerability before bringing it up. As a side, our website built on the latest technology and infrastructure has also completed development and will be deployed next month. It was undergoing testing when this unfortunate incident on our existing website took place.

“For payments, our users log on to use an external internet payment gateway (IPG)—where users are asked to enter their card numbers each time, they make their payments. We do this as we store no payment data at the time of processing the payment. we are in the process of enabling tokenization to save card numbers securely however until this is enabled, re-entering card details each time without saving them is the most secure method. We apologize for the disruption and inconvenience caused.”

Today’s world is highly connected and internet plays a huge role in it. For over 10 years, India has made attempts to hack our websites to prove to the world their cyber/fifth generation warfare capabilities, but to no avail. Such attacks have also been witnessed against websites belonging to the armed forces and other governmental organizations to acquire confidential information, however, the government of Pakistan has always successfully foiled all attempts and will continue to do so in the future.

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