GIKI Introduced BS in Cyber Security. The application deadline is Tomorrow, August 10.


The faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FCS&E) at GIK Institute has always strived for excellence in the field of computing and allied disciplines since its inception in 1993, and continues to pursue the latest trends in the computing industry. The graduates from FCSE have catered to the needs of the local software industry in Pakistan as well as for foreign industry – some alumni from earlier undergraduate batches are now in upper management posts in renowned software houses in Pakistan as well as abroad and continue to make the faculty and institute proud.

The field of Cyber Security (CyS) in recent times has played a crucial role in the field of business and security, and has become the lynchpin of automation processes. It is soon projected to become one of the most important factors in our daily lives. CyS has had widespread applications in all types of products – it is now central in each product we use, ranging from phones to manufacturing to flight safety to air conditioners and fridges to cars. In short, CyS is not only playing a significant role in changing our lives for good but is also shaping the economies of many countries. The honorable president of Pakistan, Dr. Arif-ur-Rehman Alvi, through his initiative (Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Computing – PIAIC) and Government of Pakistan, led by Mr. Imran Khan, have continuously urged and encouraged higher education institutes to take up emerging fields like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cyber Security and Block Chain at undergraduate and diploma level. Thus, Cyber Security will hopefully play a vital role in the economy of Pakistan and is projected to become a multi-billion industry in the near future.

In-line with its tradition to actively pursue the cutting-edge trends and techniques as well as to proactively meet the future demands of industry, FCSE took the initiative to start the Bachelor of Science program in Cyber Security (B.S. in CS major CyS) and plans the first intake of students by Fall 2022. Under the guidance and supervision of the Rector GIK Institute, Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, SI, Dean FCS&E and their team at FCS&E have been working hard to get all required pieces into place to meet the stringent deadlines for starting the program by Fall 2022. HEC NCEAC has finalized the curriculum for BS Cyber Security program at a recent curriculum meeting. We intend to follow the curriculum defined for BS program by NCEAC to define the structure and contents of BS in Cyber Security program offered by GIK Institute

The major thrust areas of B.S. in Cyber Security program of GIK Institute are:
Digital Forensics
Network Security and Vulnerability Assessment
Emergency Preparedness and Response

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