Celebrate Independence Day of Pakistan with Pakistan’s First Commercial Electric Vehicle “Ecodost”, save upto Rs. 40,000 Per Month


EcoDost” has unveiled Pakistan’s first 3-wheeler electric commercial vehicle, which can help you save up to 40,000 per month. With its capabilities and specs, this 3-wheeler vehicle can quickly replace gasoline-powered automobiles. When compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, EcoDost has shown to be a fierce rival in terms of cost per mile, fuel efficiency, bed size, charging time, battery life, gross vehicle weight, emission standard, power rating, driving mode, and many other features.

You can quickly charge it in only 2.5 hours thanks to its modular battery system “ 04 Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries “ with 3.5 Kw Motor with the long lasting battery life up to 6 years. The model features a high-end, straightforward design that perfectly suits the needs of the consumer. It will go 90 kilometres at a pace of 55 km/h while carrying 600 kg. A single charge Cost is 8 Electricity Units from 0% to 100% Charging (about 250 Rupees), which can go up to 90 kilometers. In contrast, one litre of gasoline costs 230 Rupees but can only travel 10 to 12 kilometres.

This vehicle is special since it may be used for a variety of purposes, including public transit, goods transportation, Auto dumping, a store on wheels, Cargo Box, School Van, Highlander, Food Cart and much more. It is a static electric vehicle for urban areas. The most appealing feature of this electric vehicle is its eco-friendly connection with environment because it doesn’t emit noise or dangerous exhaust emissions.

Compared to a vehicle driven by gasoline, it has far fewer moving components. This gives it a longer mechanical life, resulting in cheaper maintenance and replacement expenses as you don’t have to worry about the engine oil or clutch plate anymore. Extremely minimal running costs due to the absence of engine oil and daily maintenance whereas brake oil should be changed based on usage. All of the vehicle’s features prove that it is an excellent product for the corporate market where you can get 12 months payback.

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