First Bangladesh-made ocean-going ship exported to UK

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Bangladesh has for the first time exported an oceangoing high-speed, multipurpose container vessel to the United Kingdom (UK). Ananda Shipyard and Slipways Ltd handed over the ship to its UK buyer, Enzian Shipping Company Ltd. The event held at the InterContinental in Dhaka. The 364 feet long, 54 feet wide and 27 feet deep ship has a 4,130 horsepower engine and can reach speeds of up to 12.5 nautical miles/hour. The ship has a capacity of 6,100 deadweight tonnage.

At the beginning of 2020, coinciding with the Covid-19 pandemic, Ananda exported a 5,500 dwt ship. Three more ships are now awaiting export. Officials of Ananda Shipyard said Bangladesh’s ship industry has begun to regain its footing in the global market since 2018.

Talking with Dhaka Tribune, Dr Tariqul Islam, executive director of Ananda Group, said: “In 2008 we first exported a ship to Denmark and now we have exported to the UK. It is also the first time that the UK has imported a ship from Bangladesh. This vessel can transport dangerous cargo but except nuclear waste. It is an ice class vessel that can move smoothly, breaking four feet of ice on the ocean. This ship also can run without a captain’s assistance in its engine room for up to 16 hours

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