Dawlance; The key to an Easier Life


Dawlance – A brand that promises reliability, functionality and convenience to the people of Pakistan. Since the 1980’s, Dawlance has positioned itself to be a technological leading brand that aims to enhance the living standards of its community. Over the past four decades, it has steadily expanded from a refrigerator-only brand to one that includes freezers, microwave ovens, water dispensers, small kitchen appliances, hoods & hobs, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners and Personal Care. It has evolved into a resourceful and sustainable brand that strives to achieve a beautiful balance between nature and technology for all consumers.

To make their service more accessible to its community, Dawlance gives their customers the opportunity to conduct online purchases from their newly launched website. Their newly launched website provides free shipping on all orders, express delivery that enables customers to receive their shipment within 24-72 hours, to ensure security and trust amongst the community they have aimed to create a transparent and authentic experience where one can identify their order status as well as track their package and further allow customers multiple modes of payment including a safe and secure COD order placement/ processing which is solely dependent on each individual receiving their own OTP to reassure their customers of their trustworthy service.

The Graphical user interface (GUI) of the website and the visual appearance gives a very premium feel when you browse through. Coming to the look and feel of the website, Dawlance has opted for the Global standardization in terms of the layout and the expertise that have been brought in for website from its parent company Arcelik (Turkey based Parent company). Dawlance is also offering up to 35% off sitewide, and much more amazing discounts for its customers are on its way – one such upcoming event with discounts would be 11.11.

You can check the newly launched website here: https://www.dawlance.com.pk/

Their vast variety of product ranges on their website gives customers the ability to choose, making it a one stop shop for all. While designing the website, convenience has been one of the key features that Dawlance kept an eye on as consumers have a variety to choose from; from Refrigerators and Freezers where they have a vast collection comprising of double door, multi door, no frost or single door, vertical freezers/ refrigerators. Some products consist of tempered glass shelves, vitamin fresh technology, and power cool fan with deodorizer making it a quality purchase. Their washing machines are divided into two categories; automatic and semi-automatic with new/ cutting edge technology that saves energy, allows air drying and has a soft lid closing. Additionally, their collection also includes kitchen appliances, dishwashers, air conditioners, water dispensers, small domestic appliances and personal care products.

For the customers who always look for sales agent advice, Dawlance is set to explore one more feature on the website soon – Online Sales Expert Advice – a feature that lets you talk to the sales agent live in case of any confusion while your purchase.

With an easy and convenient website to browse through, Dawlance has set the bar high enabling its customers to order their products online – that too while they can browse and order the entire range with just a click!

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