Powered by MEDZnMORE: Digital Healthcare Conference 2022 Brings Biggest Health-Tech Industries on One Platform

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Saman-e-Shifa Foundation and Easy Health Tech organized a conference at Health Asia which happened at Expo Center Karachi. With MEDZnMORE as the diamond sponsor, the purpose of this conference was to bring together experts of the health-tech industry on one platform.

The conference was graced by various leaders including Asad Khan (CEO & Co-founder MEDZnMORE), Saad Khawar (Co-founder MEDZnMORE), Furquan Kidwai (CEO Dawaai.pk), Farhan Essa Abdullah (CEO Dr Essa Laboratory and Diagnostic Center), Dr. Shahid Noor (Chairman Saman-e-Shifa Foundation), Dr. Rafiq Khanani (CEO Easy Health Tech), Omer Abedin (Project Director NIC Karachi) and others.

With various keynote speeches, panel discussions and chats, the conference shed light on the future of the healthtech industry in Pakistan and the importance of offering affordable and accessible healthcare to the people of Pakistan. In this regard, CEO MEDZnMORE, Asad Khan delivered a keynote speech to the audience in which he talked about healthcare on a global level and providing services to the underserved communities.

MEDZnMORE is a leading health-tech startup, founded with a vision to reshape healthcare across Pakistan by providing easy access to quality healthcare. Founded in 2020, the online platform has served customers across Pakistan. They have invested heavily in building purpose-built temperature-controlled warehouses across Pakistan to seamlessly fulfill operational needs.

The conference also focused on the significance of healthcare services in frontier markets. In this regard, Co-founder MEDZnMORE, Saad Khawar delivered his talk on the hurdles and challenges the industry and customers face in the country.

MEDZnMORE earlier secured $11.5 Million in its pre-series A round, making it the largest health-tech funding in Pakistan. Apart from partnering with the leading conferences, the startup has various projects in the pipeline to offer the audience better access to healthcare products.

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