Bikes Involved in 71% of Accidents in Punjab


Traffic accidents are happening every day and motorcycles are considered to be the major cause of Accidents.

Almost 71% of the 1,195 road accidents were reported across Punjab. There are 1,033 male victims and 254 female victims.

Data also shows that 1,041 motorbikes, 96 rickshaws, 158 cars, 24 vans, 13 buses, 22 trucks, and 106 other types of vehicles and carts were all engaged in traffic accidents.

Data also showed that among those killed in traffic accidents were 599 adults, 39 underage drivers, 175 pedestrians, and 513 passengers.

304 accidents were reported in Lahore, resulting in 326 casualties, followed by 84 incidents in Multan, resulting in 104 casualties, and 82 accidents in Faisalabad, resulting in 74 casualties.

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