BloxBytes was Nominated Amongst Top 100 Companies as the Top Metaverse Innovators by the Metaverse Spectrum for 2022

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The Metaverse Spectrums’ exclusive M100 list identifies the companies shaping the metaverse’s future. After a rigorous process by Metaverse Spectrums’ Web3 and Metaverse experts selected the 100 most influential companies in this sector, the executives, industry leaders, and influencers who leverage Metaverse technology and BloxBytes are one of them.

BloxBytes, Pakistan’s first leading Web3 development company, leverages the latest technologies to help businesses grow. Over ten years ago, BloxBytes’ founder, Anjum Shahzad, developed a blockchain and Web 3.0 expert team. BloxBytes services include Web 3.0, Meta-Fi, Game-Fi, NFTs, NFT minting, Decentralized exchanges, Digital wallet development, launchpad development, blockchain development in gaming, financial, healthcare, real estate, and logistics fields, as well as blockchain development in other industries.

“I am honored that Metaverse Spectrum added BloxBytes to the list of TOP #100. I am thrilled to see BloxBytes on the list, and I am delighted to share this wonderful achievement as a company of Vaival Technologies LLC. BloxBytes is one of the few Pakistani companies listed in the Top 100 Web3.0 & metaverse innovators. Company is prominent among other big players in this space, including Facebook meta (e.g.), Adidas, Nike EpicGames, Unity, Unreal Engine, The Sandbox, Decentraland, VulcanForged- as well as HTC.”

Vaival Technologies’ BloxBytes sister company was founded in 2022, and we have built blockchain-based applications for fortune 500+ companies. Among them is VulcanForged, a prominent blockchain game studio and ecosystem.

About BloxBytes:

BloxBytes aims to equip our team with the most up-to-date skills in the Blockchain industry. We have partnered with large enterprises in the gaming industry to solve their business problems using blockchain technology. Several Fortune 500 companies have used our blockchain-based applications, including VulcanForged. You can also get started right away if you want! Our company uses cutting-edge technologies to solve business problems. Along with blockchain and Web 3.0 development, we have extensive experience delivering projects on time.

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