Find Your Perfect Life Partner With Pakistan’s First Matrimonial App Dil Ka Rishta With 2 Tier Verification

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People in Pakistan have high expectations from their partners to whom they will marry. In reality, finding the perfect life partner is quite a task. For generations, especially women in Pakistan have been objectified and have been the real victims of the rishta culture. Adding more to the horror are the deeply rooted and practiced patriarchal norms, the way the rishta culture operates and the never ending instructions of the rishta aunties. With the advent of technology, marriages that were once thought to be made in heaven are now materialized through Pakistan’s first premium matrimonial app Dil Ka Rishta (DKR) with 2-tier verification.

What Is Dil Ka Rishta? The real story!

The platform initiated by Khudi Ventures, a Pakistan-based venture studio working on consumer and business tech startups enables users to find their soul mates with utmost safety and privacy. The database of DKR app has around 400,000 matrimonial profiles of 100% verified users. The AI based broadcasting filters allows you to drill down according to your requirements and consider individuals who match up accordingly. DKR is growing day by day, ever since it was launched, the app has come close to 350,000 downloads and 18 million profile views. Within a short period, 55,000 matches have been made who are thankful to DKR for making life easier.

Safety Guaranteed

One of the first and foremost questions that trigger the user’s mind is safety. DKR aims to ensure 100 % verified profiles, therefore, the app has given a new perspective to online safety through a credible two-step verification process. Firstly, DKR customer service representative verifies the user profile according to the user’s CNIC number through a welcome phone call.  Secondly, the on-ground verification team visits the user’s house for in-person verification. If the team comes across any fake profile, DKR blocks the user at once. Underage male profile are also blocked making DKR a women friendly platform. The verification also eliminates the general problem in dating apps where more than 30% of the users are married. The App does not allow any screenshots to be taken and does not  give any access to mobile numbers. 

No More Humiliation for Women

In Pakistan where orchestrated relationships are the standard, the rishta hunt for a woman is more like a horror film. In the name of culture, as soon as a woman crosses 20, she is decorated like an objected and is frequently kept at display in the drawing room meetings where two families are brainstorming about their children getting hitched. Such practices are eliminated when a user signs up on DKR. What’s great about the app is its diversity of catering to people of all age groups, cultures, religions and castes by safely digitalizing matchmaking. Women can make a profile, select the desired criteria for a partner and explore the profiles while staying connected with their traditions and cultural norms. 

DKR Keeps Your Values Intact

DKR offers a simple user experience that makes finding a good match easier. The refined algorithms and tailored questions make the user aware of making an informed decision. When a user gets specific and enters the details according to his / her family values and beliefs, the advanced socio-economic and religious filters automatically narrow down the pool allowing them to find a suitable partner. The crux of DKR premium matrimonial app is to be in line with the values, customs and traditions of its users to find them right partner. 

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