“Pakistan is open for business” PM Shehbaz tells global entrepreneurs


With a growing population geared towards the use of technology, “Pakistan is open for business” with global investors and entrepreneurs. This was declared by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif while addressing the Future Initiative Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Shehbaz invited global entrepreneurs to invest in growing business opportunities in the Pakistani market. Furthermore, he highlighted the significance of technology’s growing power and enablement.

“Tech power is the great equalizer,” he said, adding, “I have seen in Pakistan how young men and women are developing their careers and strengthening their earnings by benefitting from technological breakthroughs within the largest digital matrix like e-commerce.”

He said, Pakistan has a young population and their needs cannot be fiulfilled given the means of production or resources. In addition, PM Shehbaz informed the forum about the government’s plan to generate around 10,000 MW of power through solar. The simultaneous impact would be to lessen the country’s dependence on fossil fuel.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for those looking for attractive returns,” he stated.

Moreover Shehbaz went on to say that Pakistan has been upgrading its transport, energy, and digital infrastructure alongside encouraging private enterprises to drive the economy of the country. He invited entrepreneurs present at the summit for partnerships in public goods production ventures.

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