“PAKOLA – The Real Highlight of IDEAS Expo 2022”


IDEAS Expo 2022, being held in Karachi, has turned into the talk of the tow and Pakola became the official Ideas Expo’s beverage partner this year. A four-day International Defence Exhibition and Seminar IDEAS-22 began at Expo Centre in Karachi on Tuesday, 15th November 2022. Defense Export Promotion Organization has arranged the exhibition, which brings together defense industries from across the globe to showcase their latest technological innovations. A large number of senior civil and military delegations and trade visitors are also witnessing IDEAS-2022.

Established on 14th August 1950, Pakola is the oldest and the leading beverage brand of the country and as the official beverage partner of IDEAS Expo, it truly gets a lot of competitive advantage against international brands e.g., Pepsi, etc. This partnership between IDEAS Expo and Pakola is a powerful move for the oldest brand of the country.

 Pakola completely owned the event as it set up a VIP Lounge and par excellence booths in Hall 8, NCC Registration area, and food courts in the event. Decorated with green color as a symbol of patriotism, Pakola’s setup attracted a lot of attention from the attendees, and the food and beverages provided by the national brand were well appreciated by the guests. It was a treat to see our favourite national beverage brand all over the Exhibition.

The official partnership between a national drink and a national event gives a great sense of patriotism as Pakola has overtaken all the international brands and made its place in an international event organized by the government of Pakistan and Pakistan’s defense industry. The utilization of domestic products like Pakola in the national event is a great step towards self-sufficiency.

Pakola seems to be at a great advantage over other beverage brands, even international ones, when it comes to owning events in Pakistan. Other international brands have been all over different events across Pakistan but it is a breath of fresh air to see how the sense of patriotic belonging of Pakola has led to the brand owning this national event. From water to carbonated beverages, Pakola was everywhere. Visiting Pakola’s VIP lounge and booths was definitely the highlight of IDEAS Expo 2022.

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