This company may be on the cusp of curing diabetes

An Israeli company is on the very edge of creating a cure for diabetes. The cure is essentially an artificial pancreas that is made out of real human cells, according to the company’s medical director. The company in question, Kadimastem, is currently holding a pre-clinical phase in Ness Ziona, a central Israeli town. But, so far the results from the pre-clinical are looking very promising.

Being able to provide diabetes patients with a cure would be revolutionary. With over 450 million people living with diabetes in the world, and the prices of insulin continuing to skyrocket, being able to properly provide a cure for this disease has been a priority for companies like Kadimastem.

diabetes cure could help cut insulin out of people's lives

But finding a cure is about more than just providing another treatment option for people living with the disease. Instead, Kadimastem’s medical director says that the diabetes cure he is working on uses human cells that act like the human pancreas. This allows for the cells to work the way that the pancreas is meant to, helping to negate the effects diabetes has on the body.

But a cure for diabetes isn’t the only thing that Kadimastem is pushing for. The company received a patent for an ALS treatment back in August, which was quickly followed up with a third patent to work on the cure for diabetes that the company is pushing. With issues like carcinogens being found in diabetes medicine, having a cure would remove any extra risk involved in those treatments.

Previous research on the diabetes cure can also be found in Frontiers in Endocrinology. A paper detailing the results of the medicine when used in mice was completed back in May of 2021. Seeing the cells make their way to the pre-clinical phase, though, is reassuring, and it means that we could be closer than ever to having a proper way to cure diabetes for many.

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