Apple AR/VR headset may be released in November

After Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said a few days ago that Apple’s mixed reality headset launch event will take place this spring, a different leaker has offered a tentative release window for the upcoming Apple AR/VR headset.

According to LeaksApplePro, the mixed reality headset will hit select Apple retail stores in November. Furthermore, the company plans to set up demo stations at a few authorized retailers so users can try out the new device before it’s released. The leaker also offered additional details about the headset and the reason why Apple is interested in making such a device.

LeaksApplePro usually posts details about unreleased Apple products on Twitter. This time, he detailed the upcoming wearable in a longer post on Howtoisolve.

Apple will reportedly unveil the headset and its new operating system at an event this spring. This should give developers enough time to create and adapt apps for the AR/VR headset’s release. Like other recent reports, the leaker implies the mixed reality headset’s launch event will precede WWDC 2023.

Furthermore, LeaksApplePro says Apple might unveil the wearable as a “one more thing” moment. Rumors say Apple will unveil new MacBook Pros this spring, possibly during Apple’s upcoming Mac event. That would be an odd choice, however, since this is a brand new product for Apple and it will likely want it to be the focus of an event as opposed to an afterthought.

Apple mixed reality glasses render - bottom view.
Apple mixed reality glasses render – bottom view. Image source: Ian Zelbo

The purpose of the mixed reality device is to allow Apple to gather information about the market and educate users on new virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences, the leaker says. That’s because Apple plans to introduce the so-called Apple Glasses in 2026. These are sleeker, sophisticated AR devices that would look just like a regular pair of glasses.

Until then, customers interested in head-worn devices that can offer AR and VR experiences can try out the mixed reality headset and its operating system. Meanwhile, Apple will ensure developers have time to create apps that will eventually run on the Apple Glasses.

As for the mixed reality headset’s specs, LeaksApplePro repeated some of the claims we saw before. The device will feature several cameras and LiDAR sensors that allow users to interact with real-world objects and control the UI with hand gestures.

Moreover, the headset will reportedly feature a pair of Sony-made 8K micro-OLED displays and a 4K AMOLED screen. Finally, two Apple silicon processors will power the wearable, including one similar to the M1 Pro.

That sort of package will be costly. The leaker claims the AR/VR headset’s price will be at least $2,000 when it hits stores this year. He says it might be as high as $2,199. But, like everything in this report, the price can’t be confirmed at this time.

Like other reports, LeaksApplePro says Apple will manufacture a limited number of AR/VR headsets. And they will probably sell out quickly.

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