LG to produce microLED display for new Apple Watch Ultra

Rumors about a next-generation Apple Watch Ultra are in full swing this week. Analysts believe Apple will introduce a microLED display to a new iteration of the Apple Watch. DSCC display expert Ross Young, Bloomberg‘s journalist Mark Gurman, and analyst Jeff Pu discussed this possible smartwatch, set for a 2024-2025 release.

In a report this week, Gurman said Apple plans to produce its in-house microLED display for an upcoming version of the Apple Watch Ultra. While the journalist suggests Apple wants to ditch Samsung and LG, the Cupertino firm is said to be working closely with LG to produce this new display technology.

According to Young to his Super Followers on Twitter (via 9to5Mac), LG is “building a small line” for micro-LED display backplanes for the Apple Watch. Apple will likely design the display, while LG will be the one – or one of the manufacturers – responsible for producing it for the Cupertino firm.

What we know about the microLED Apple Watch Ultra

Over these past few days, rumors about the microLED Apple Watch Ultra ramped up. It started with an analysis by Haitong Intl Tech Research analyst Jeff Pu. According to his note, Pu expects Apple Watch sales to drop in 2023 due to a “lack of significant spec upgrade,” while people who wait a bit longer will get a bigger and better watch in 2024 with microLED technology.

He says this new Apple Watch will have a 2.1-inch display, up from the 1.93-inch on the current model. Then, reliable display analyst Ross Young reported that the upcoming microLED Apple Watch is expected to be released in spring 2025, as the production on the panels for this device is set to start at the end of 2024.

For 2023, rumors about new features to Apple Watch models are still sparse. Apple is working on blood glucose level and blood pressure sensors, but it’s unclear whether these features will land this year or need a few more years of development. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman believes this will be another mild year for Apple’s smartwatch lineup, apart from a new, faster processor.

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